Habitat Machines by David Trautrimas



An exhibition of architectural compositions made of household objects by David Trautrimas opens next week at Le Gallery in Toronto, Canada.


The exhibition, called Habitat Machines, includes compositions made from objects including coffee pots and bathroom scales.


The exhibition will be open 25 September - 19 October.


The following text is from gallery director Wil Kucey:


Habitat Machines - David Trautrimas

In 'Habitat Machines' David Trautrimas' photo-based architecture explores the construct of home with a series of residential buildings born of everyday objects. From Art Deco coffee pots to the Constructivist grid pattern on an old bathroom scale, Trautrimas searches for source materials which allude to a greater architectural doctrine usually unnoticed in these machines.


Then, by dramatic distortion of scale and context, elements of these objects are meticulously re-assembled into strikingly original structures that are paradoxically familiar by virtue of their origins.

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  • Azeem

    WOW !! Interesting!!Stuff.

  • cpcp

    Umm, WHY?
    Someones been watching Robots a few too many times.

  • monsieur!

    really nice photoshopping

  • Lucas


  • genius

  • I’d love to see buildings like this.

  • Zenza

    Mikey… genius?! Following your way of thinking we also have to say that Britney Spears is a genius as well. Right?

  • glue

    haha, funny ;)

  • Jess

    creative!! good design

  • Post

    looks like first year photoshop course

  • Loukas

    i definitely don’t want to see a world like this, i will be depressed. Actually is very but very depressing, no sense of design what so ever. Genius, great design, creative, you’d love to see buildings like this???????????? Guys please get serious and give me a break.

  • David

    ahh… can somebody enlighten me whats this all about??

  • Djuhara

    Very good machine,
    But I would not say it is a good architecture…

  • yrag

    I think Mr. Trautrimas could do well creating graphics for whimsical video games.

  • i wounted to connected with you

  • Tectonics are where you find them.

  • zenza go find a sense of humor… idiot

  • Jack

    I think that this is fantastic, as a final year interior arch student in new zealand, we are taught to realise our intervention based upon the arrangement of tectonics forms as a design tool, and well this is a brilliant example of how to evoke a strong sense of major intermediate and minor hierarchy’s in design as well as ordering principles.

  • I think that in case of fire this structures are not safe enoght. But is a great art arquitecture and cool pics.

  • Cool, keep working on it !