Lomme bed by Cycle 13



Lichtenstein design brand Cycle 13 launched the production version of their egg-shaped Lomme bed at 100% Design London this weekend.


The bed has been developed over a number of years by young Polish designer Agnieszka Bernacka, and has just gone into production.


Lomme, which stands for Light Over Matter Mind Evolution, incorporates sound and light therapies which supposedly help people sleep better.


Here's some info from Cycle 13, followed by a press release about the Red Dot award they won earlier this year:


World Wide Premier Launch of LOMME

London 18th September 2008,The Directors of Cycle 13 Est., a Liechtenstein based design company are proud to announce the World Wide Launch of the Production Version of their Lomme Bed.


The Lomme Bed was conceived many years ago in London by Agnieszka Bernacka while at Camberwell College of Arts. She now returns to London with the production premier of her creation at 100% Design today at Earls Court.


“It has been a long journey” commented Bernacka as she prepared to fly to London with the Bed on route, “We have an amazing team and its down to them that we are here today with this finished and production ready product” she said.


Lomme is an egg shaped bed that while in prototype attracted immense public and press interest, now it’s a product you can actually buy and sleep in, “the best nights sleep you ever had” is the promise and “dare to dream” is the slogan, a bed that offers so much more than a place to sleep, light therapy, sound therapy, massage and anti-magnetic protection from harmful rays while you sleep, now why didn’t anyone think of that before?



The first in a new range of life enhancing products has been presented with the highly prestigious Red Dot Award for design.

Lomme (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) combine stunning design with natural therapies and the organic use of technology. Their unique egg-shaped bed provides both a protective cocoon and revitalising environment.

Lomme’s Creative Director Agnieszka Bernacka explained: “Lomme is more than a bed, it’s a place for meditation, for rejuvenation. We hope that one day Lomme will be universally associated with bold, innovative, life enhancing design, and we’re simply thrilled to have had our first creation presented with the internationally respected Red Dot Product Design Award.”

Founded in 1955 the Red Dot Design Award (www.red-dot.de) is one of the largest and most important design competitions in the world. With 3,203 submissions from 51 countries, its independent panel of 24 judges recognise outstanding quality, innovation and design.

The award was presented on 23 June 2008 at the Essen Aalto Theatre, Essen, Germany. It was collected by Günther Thöny on behalf of the Lomme design team, which also included Andreas Batliner.

The bed was developed following two years research into both the physical and psychological effects of sleep deprivation, and utilises sound and light therapies to enhance the body's energy centres and stimulate the healing process.

The Liechtenstein based Lomme team are now working on a range of equally bold concepts, which will be launched beginning of the next year.

Lomme is part of Cycle13, which conceives, develops, designs and manufactures products that are natural, life enhancing and mind developing for a cleaner, healthier, happier existence.

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  • Mah-Nik

    it looks very nice , and it only costs 42000 Euro

  • bald skull

    how does it fit through the door to my bedroom?

  • Zulu

    This bed gives bad Karma

  • mama

    Laugh – what’s that girl in the middle of the road going to do when a logging truck comes through? Seriously though – this is about as exciting as those awful Dedon ads with young models in white linen clothes lounging about on the beach holding apples. Pretentious rubbish.

  • Peter

    The egg in the forest is a nice poster photography for a spooky Science Fiction movie (maybe one about HARMFUL RAYS that torture you in your sleep), but as a piece of furniture, it would not really be my first option at a price of 42.000 Euros. First option instead would be a visit at Luigi Colani´s basement – just in case he has something similar left from the 60s – then afterwards i would write a cheque for my architect to do a complete overhaul of my bedroom. For the 22.000 Euros left, i would buy a perfectly refurbished Citroen DS. Then i´d fall asleep and have a very bad nightmare about the “Red Dot Award”.

  • beautiful bed… especially placed in environments shown….
    if i had a room right now which was massive and dramatic enough i would buy it…

  • trent

    imagine waking up in this bed… brilliant!

    though can it be used indoors? as much as i would love to wake up on my own private beach, alpine meadow or evergreen forest, i’d have to settle for my apartment

  • B

    the landscapes look better than the bed….
    and a bed is used for more than sleeping alone (at least my bed is) and having sex in this egg…i don’t see I happen..it would look to silly.

  • i would like to see how this looks like in a bedroom!

    pieterjan biz

  • oddjob

    looks nice but how can you transport this for a short rest intp the alps etc..????

  • One

    Looks Great. If I had a mountain where I can place this,.. I could also place it in my house…

  • wow.. simple, cool, elegant.. nice overall..gorgeous flowous shape.. is that even a word? flowous?

  • will

    Jacuzzi did a bath like this and the Oculas is pretty similar- I wouldnt mind waking up in this

  • Jelle

    can it fly?

  • One

    The thing is, I do not have a mountain, nor huge bed room, nor 40 grants for this…

  • *MIRTEC*

    where’s the half-chicken?

  • beautiful, i want it in my house.

  • g sid

    this is horrible. in this economic and environmental climate, 42k for that is bordering insane.

  • charles

    im gonna become a king one day and buy this for my 50,000 sq. ft. bedroom.

    honestly, it may look beautiful and watevs, but 42000Euro????
    come on, this is an epiphany of luxury designed furniture. When did design become only for those who can spat out 42000?

    Why not, really, attach a rocket engine to this so it can fly at last. Then I would consider paying this price.

  • architektonina

    This is not easily deployable, provides very minimal protection from the environment and is too lavish a cost for any bed regardless of economic status. how is this helping anyone? Even from a pure aesthetic standpoint, the egg form has been done before and therefore adds nothing to the collective conciousness of design.

  • …a


  • Mosquitos, please welcome!!!

  • tommy

    look good for outdoor, but have some issue for indoor, like the claustrophobic feeling (well, for me at least), no jumping on the bed (maybe for small kids only)…

  • m


  • mauro paparo filomarino


  • Peter

    A bit ironic that i am explaining this, but: i am afraid this bed is not designed for outdoor use. These images only illustrate the feelings of the lucky owner while using it.

  • Hi Everyone!
    Thank you for all your comments.
    I am the person behind the idea and development of this product.
    I will try to answer some of your questions.
    First of all I want you to understand that this product took 3 years of development, our whole amazing team tried the best to create the best space form sleep and rejuvenation. Lots of hard work and energy went into creating Lomme. And we are very proud of the product.
    Sleep depravation is a very serious problem now and we truly think our bed can help many people to overcome this, so they can be more productive and relax during the day. We sleep in Lomme and it is truly an amazing experience.
    We understand that the price is quite high, but we invisted 3 years into it and 1.5milion in development. We want everyone to experience Lomme, we are speaking to hotel chain to put it into their room and we are creating additional products which will complement Lomme.

    Bald skull: Lomme comes in two parts, so it should go through any standard door

    Zulu: I don’t understand how this bed can give bad Karma, especially that we have great people on our project putting lots of effort to create best product which can help people

    Mama; we created those photos to communicate the Lomme experience, sorry you don’t get it. Thanks for comment we will try to add more images which are more straightforward

    Peter: in the shell of Lomme we put technology which blocks electro smoke, so don’t worry about harmful rays

    Trent: Lomme is for indoor use however we are working on the outdoor version now

    B: we think that Lomme is an amazing place for making Love, but surly we all have different taste, so maybe this is something not to your liking

    Pieterjan: thanks, we will create images which show Lomme in the bedroom environment

    Will: we are happy other people have similar ideas, this just proves we need more products like Lomme!

    Jelle: Lomme cannot fly

    One: Lomme will be available in hotels and spas, so you will be able to experience it there

    G sid: maybe if people got more quality sleep and could make clear minded decisions we wouldn’t have to be in this current economic state

    Charles: I wish for you to become a king if that what you truly want. See above – the amount of work we put into Lomme

    Architektonina: we never said that we invented that shape, we however think and experiencing that the shape itself is very relaxing in addition you can use the colour, sound, massage to help you relax. We tried it and it is great. At our last show we had in London we had hundreds of people trying Lomme and EVERYONE loved it! Hope you get to try it somewhere.

    Armen: we are working on beautiful and simple mosquito net
    Tommy: we though the same, that’s why Lomme has got two big openings on each side, no claustrophobia

    Thank to ALL your comments!

    If anyone has more questions I happily answer them.

  • mama

    Anti “Elektro smoke” technology? What a load of codswallop.

  • SerenaT

    In that egg I’d really like to dream. :)
    Non-suffocating protection feeling.
    A nest.
    *can somebody call a psychiatrist for me?*
    Ok, joking…I really like it.

  • alex

    omg they stole one of my designS for a building!!! i designed this back in 2002!!!! bah!! how can i sue these guys!

  • alex

    i have documentation to prove it!!! .dwg renderings, process, everything!!!
    architectural plagarism, or rather architecture plagarised into industrial design… someone better get in contact with me…

  • Sabrina

    Could you please tell me what spas have one of these? And are any of them in Canada?

  • anais

    When will it be available in the U.S.?

  • hi.
    I am the designer, to answer your questions:
    mama: on the electro smoke. we have a lot of wireless technology around us now:mobile phones, internet etc which potentially can have negative effect on us. at Lomme we try to create the best enviroment of protection for people to sleep and rest, thats why we created a shield within Lomme shell which helps blocking the negative waves

    Alex: no idea what are you taking about, but feel free to contact me at a@lomme.com we dont steal ideas and i have never heard about your building. but it will be great to see it, and hope things are going well for you.

    Sabrina: we have clients in Canada and will have showroom open this year in Montreal, please contact me for more details

    Anais: Lomme is available in U.S. now, we are taking orders through our headquoters

    Everyone thank you for your comments!!!

  • Maddy

    i have suspicions about this “Agnieszka Bernacka” fellow.
    seems mighty curious for a representative or whatever he’s deemed himself to be:
    1. commenting to others’ comments on a product on a random webbie.
    2. to be commenting at all on a webbie.
    3. have a name that doesn’t appear to be related at all to Lomme.
    4. have so many spelling and grammatical errors whilst representing a company that is trying to be taken seriously.

    but the egg is beautiful. although i find the whole ‘making love’ in this egg kinda awkward. it would be pretty silly.