Akitoka by Rosa Lemos



Portuguese designer Rosa Lemos has produced a range of cake dishes for Italian ceramics manufacturer Bosa Ceramiche.


The dishes feature a decorated ceramic wedge, which takes the place of the 'last slice' of cake.


The following is from Rosa Lemos:


To whom the last slice?

Usually the cakes are eaten slice after slice and reaching the last one, this one stays there, lost among smiles of courtesy, crumbling himself. With Akitoka, the last slice doesn't go to anybody - it remains in the dish.

Akitoka is a dish for cakes that it plays with the fatality of the last slice. It's a Rosa Lemos project for Bosa Ceramiche and it has shown up with success at Paris to Maison and Object 08 and to the FuoriSalone 08.

The dishes are available in the formats round and rectangular, with or without decoration. The decorated dishes are accompanied of stencil with the same sketch to decorate the cake with the sugar to veil.

Posted on Wednesday October 8th 2008 at 8:34 am by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Ren

    There will always be a last piece, even with this design, this existential problem remains unsolved !

  • Azeem

    Man this looks so delicious that I might break the damn plate while trying to extract the last piece!!

  • pensiero

    brava rosa I just love it!

  • Pedro

    Muitos parabéns!
    Está fantástico.
    Do teu irmão,

  • rosa

    There will be a first piece. And it’s mine!
    It’s the good thing of this plate.
    Thank you to all.

  • Kat

    What a lovely idea! So sweet!

  • rik

    It isn’t very practical though, is it? You ought to eat a slice first before official digging in. It also looks a little kitchy in my eyes.

  • LN

    Glad to see portuguese design published here. Parabéns, Rosa.

  • Mana

    Gosto muito do primeiro.
    Posso comprar o bolo também?
    Beijocas e muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito sucesso!!

  • shima

    looking for missing peice
    shel silver stain :-D

  • selviou

    very very nice!
    usually i don’t let the last piece, so can i call it “tokami”? :)

  • eduardo

    parabéns do brasil, oh rosa…

  • PP

    Yummy! Parabéns!

  • They look lovely but as Rik says, it’s a bit impractical.. I can’t imagine when I would use one – I generally only serve cakes to people at birthdays and you can’t cut the birthday cake before you present it, can you?!

  • Rui Silva

    Ideia divertida de encarar o tal constrangimento de atacar a ultima fatia! É pena é que comigo isso não faça sentido…se lá está só uma fatia como na mesma!!! :))
    Parabéns Rosa, é bom ver o teu trabalhao ser publicado a este nivel!

  • LOW

    lovely idea

  • J

    very cute idea

  • DCP

    a bit too anecdotic, even though the idea of working with the fatal ‘last piece’ is very good for a cake plate…

  • charles

    the remaining last slice is for the chef

  • zuy

    ceramic cake is nice concept for a diabetic invited friends to dine with humor

  • Q

    para quando a versão penico? =D

  • mama

    Sense of humour is important – most designers and architects don’t have it. Nice!