Furniture Neighborhood by Tjep.



Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema of Tjep. has completed a furniture project at Amstel Station in Amsterdam.


Furniture Neighborhood is a "landscape of furniture" where train passengers can relax.


The following is from Tjep.:


Title: Furniture Neighborhood

Tjep. was commissioned by the Dutch Railways to create an area for train passengers to relax.


The location in question, the Amstel Station in Amsterdam, is a building from the 30's in which painter Peter Alma (connected to the cubist movement) was invited to realize two very large murals.


The two paintings show trains, people and cities, making visible the function trains fulfill, which is to connect these elements.


I thought it would be nice to pick up on the people connection and city landscape themes, but in a more abstract manner and on a smaller more personal scale.


This installation is a landscape of furniture, in which the furniture pieces are arranged rather like buildings in the sense that they vary in hight and shape to form a neighborhood.


The playful composition of forms, based on a rigid (rather cubist) framework, was developed with a balance between privacy and openness in mind, inviting people to experience different levels of intimacy or interaction.


Product photography usually doesn't include the people who will actually be using the designs, in this case I couldn't ignore how naturally the pieces were adopted by the passing public, and how the initial intentions were immediately made visible in context.


For the choice of materials, the rather unusual choice of wood and leather for a public space communicates a strong sense of comfort but also a sense of vulnerability.


This will trigger users to be more respectful with this installation than might be the case with furniture usually found in stations (until now this seems to work).


Design and photography: Frank Tjepkema (Tjep.)



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  • zuy

    nice idea near bram boo furniture

  • ongjunhao

    its clasically chic and functional.

  • mama

    Michael Graves-like Disneyed design. People look really uncomfortable on it.

  • shima

    i like it …
    but why u didn’t use colorful color?!!!
    colors are important.
    the photographer has arranged the people in places ;-)

  • goeroe

    No wonder it’s black & white,
    the real colors are sooo ugly….,
    and the material shabby, uggh

    All that cheap ‘design’ projects at dutch railwaystations, same as this one at Sloterdijk:
    are getting soooo boring.

  • standrewsfall

    I’ll have to go investigate. I wish they would do something nice at either Den Haag HS or Central Station. The old architecture/brickwork at HS is interesting, but they’re both pretty soulless places to wait for a train.

    Goeroe, Sloterdijk is pretty neat the first time you go there – I like the tree stumps outside too.

  • The echo

    The b&w makes the photos feel decades old (the analogue and big glass windows don’t help), and they’re right about the colour – where is it.