David Gill Galleries at DesignArt London



London-based David Gill Galleries present new pieces from Mattia Bonetti, Barnaby Barford and Zaha Hadid at the Designart London collectors' fair, which opened last night.


The stand is designed by Fredrikson Stallard.


The following is from David Gill Galleries:


Berkeley Square, 15-19 October 2008

David Gill Galleries unveiled key new pieces today at DesignArt London, including the Stardune coffee table and benches and freestanding Tree Shelving by Zaha Hadid.


Originally part of Dune Formations, first seen during the Venice Biennale in 2007, the new pieces have been produced in a reduced size for the domestic environment. Hadid's work with David Gill is undoubtedly some of her very best.


Also new is the Fakir sideboard by Mattia Bonetti as well as Barnaby Barford’s series of new mirror pieces well I think he’s done a cracking job.

The stand, a combination of shiny white floor, walls and lightboxes, with the large backlit David Gill logo, was designed by Fredrikson Stallard. It has attracted almost as much attention as the new work itself.

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  • HH

    so why is this considered design ? because its in gallery ?

    mere translation of some aesthetic or formal language onto typical bench and stoll forms…that is all being done here… no function is re-evaluated or re-interpreted, nothing is creative about this work…. sorry, even if its Zaha Hadid or David Gill…

  • Harry Seidler

    What’s wrong with you HH ? Tired to hatch toilet blocks on autocad light for your “creative” office ? Did you version of Archicad past away ?

    Obviously you never thought about fabrication process….

  • J

    i don;t think any translation is needed for simple accessories like chairs. as long as it is ergonomically sound and aesthetically pleasing, i think it is worth mentioning. Part of designing is also about having fun. i mean…

    “why so serious…’

  • zuy

    Harry Seidler Says a GREAT COMMENT! “Tired to hatch toilet blocks on autocad light for your “creative” office ? “

  • cpcp

    must be a big counterweight to balance out that free standing tree shelf Zaha. I like it.
    (Which is puzzling!)

  • HH


    just to be clear, I am still a student… oh wait that makes it worse, I am daring to criticize the work of Zaha Hadid and David Gill and I have not practiced yet, thats a biggy I suppose,

    that is not to say I am unfamiliar with the fabrication processes of such pieces, I am not aware of how they get the color finish, the gloss, etc, but I can think of ways to manufacture those….

    Rhino model, good geometry, section piece into slices, CNC , assemble, smooth, finish. . . if you want to say i am an ignorant, please do so if you can elaborate on the process, then we all can benefit something from this thread if we can understand at least how it was made…

  • Matty D

    QUICK! ! ! Everyone post your negative comments before dezeen turns communist and censors the reality of bad design!

  • here’s a link to the how they’re made…http://www.polystyrenemodels.co.uk/polystyrene_models.html
    I stumbled across it last year while finishing my degree in id for which i was creating pubic furniture to encourage conversation, drawing influences from some of Zaha Hadid’s furniture pieces amongst others.

  • *MIRTEC*

    hope you may sit on it.. tried to do it at the biennale and they threw me out.. perhaps too design.. or not human enough..
    nice objects though..

  • LOW

    Very Zaha Hadid…. I don´t know if that’s good or bad…

  • Milan Kundera

    QUICK! ! ! Everyone post your negative comments SO dezeen turns communist and censors the reality of GOOD design UNDER A FAT LAYER OF GARBAGE.

  • atomant

    would it collect dust and fingerprints and dirt like a ps3 cause of its glossy finish?

  • zuy

    @ HH ask you design teachers or in design forum because i could never speak about fabrication process and distribution process here

  • Vacant virtuosity in the production process doesn’t make for good design. Facile complexity doesn’t make for design animus and gravitas. In almost all the designs here the symbolic and physical functions have been obliterated. All the designs here look like critics lures.

    If you will contact me and tell me how I may submit attachments of photos of my designs I would be glad to send them.

    Too-dle-oo, Ken/Yaheba