HSBC Private Bank Lounge
by Campana Brothers



Design Miami 08: here are some photos of the HSBC Private Bank lounge designed by Humberto and Fernando Campana for Design Miami earlier this month.


The Brazilian designers intended the lounge to create the atmosphere of a traditional communal dwelling from the Amazonian forest.


A video interview with the Campanas (winners of the Designer of the Year award at Design Miami 2008), filmed by Dezeen at the brothers’ studio in São Paulo and on location around the city, was screened in the lounge during the design fair. Watch the video interview here.


The following is from HSBC Private Bank:


HSBC Private Bank partners with award-winning Campana brothers at Design Miami 2008 - Designers of the Year collaborate to create exclusive lounge and documentary film Design Miami

The internationally renowned Brazilian duo has been commissioned to design the HSBC Private Bank VIP lounge  at Design Miami/ providing a unique place for special guests at the fair to connect.  Reflecting Fernando and Humberto Campana’s preference for mixing worlds and techniques, the lounge will incorporate elements of Native Brazilian traditions to create the atmosphere and form of an “Oca” – a traditional communal dwelling from the Amazonian forest.


On view in the lounge throughout the fair will be a documentary film HSBC Private Bank produced with featuring the Campana Brothers in their studio in São Paulo talking about their life, work and inspirations.

The fair in December will celebrate nature and its role as a building block of design. Attracting the top designers, gallerists and collectors from around the world, Design Miami/ explores all the many facets of design – from concept to production and appreciation to investment. Like Design Miami/, HSBC Private Bank brings an extensive network of international connections to the fair as part of its commitment to Cultural Exchange - encouraging and promoting the understanding of different cultures.

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  • blackSTYLIN


  • bald skull

    but seriously, those metal “chairs” are not even on the same planet as comfortable.

  • Great texture!One more fantastic work from the brazilian brothers!

  • The Campana Brother´s are the brazilian designer´s most popular out of Brazil….

    (i´m from Brazil – São Paulo)

  • wow esta tan peludo este proyecto..

  • amsam

    walking the line where “unusual” gives way to “bizarre and creepy”

  • m

    que bello!

  • B.S.

    Dare I say; the bank as a house of straw……

  • Hmmm…interesting.

  • mmm

    Love it, but I think they took the Fire Safety regulations too seriously…

  • Fischer

    Agree with mmm…

  • Minh

    Agree with mmm…

  • Betsy

    I hope no one entering this lounge has allergies…

  • tedmundo

    Groovy man.
    Another design firm whom creates wacky designs for themselves, not for the client.
    Have another Caipirinha!

  • Masst

    I wonder what the farmers have to say..

  • yaaaaaaaaa……..
    its realy interestng……
    i wud definately try 2 join ths aftr my engg study……..

  • This is very interesting – I can honestly say I would never have thought of that for a bank.