2008 review: February


Here's a roundup of the most popular Dezeen stories published in February this year. In first place was a house by Schemata Architecture Office in Tokyo, built at 63.02° to the road.

Second most viewed was Parabola House, a family home in Tokyo designed by Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita of Atelier Tekuto.

Third was the temporary Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, which is created from snow and ice each winter, including the Art Suites created by artists from around the world.

Our fourth most popular story was the National Aquatics Centre in Beijing - better known as Watercube - by Architect Chris Bosse.

Fifth was work presented by Masters students at London’s Royal College of Art at an interim show called Work in Progress.

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  • My favorite is no. 4, the aquastics center of beijing.

  • jmgr

    My vote for the best one for this whole year goes to the house by Schemata Architecture Office in Tokyo

  • # 1 is perfect
    i love it

  • n 1º, too japanese… very good concept.

  • i really appreciate your “round up” posts! i started blogging in june (literally, never looked at a blog before that) and it is nice to see your “refreshers” – wow, what i have missed!

  • chris

    my vote for the a house by Schemata Architecture Office in Tokyo,it realy amazing!

  • HUHU~~I like the fourth Watercube in Beijing,it impress our Chinese and peoples all over the world in 2008.
    And it do be very beautiful and artistic.