2008 review: March



Next up: our top five most clicked-on stories from March this year. In pole position was Newton Virus, a computer virus designed by London collective Troika, that causes icons on your computer desktop to fall towards the ground as if affected by gravity.


Eiffel DNA by Serero Architects - a project to temporarily remodel the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris - may have turned out to be a fake, but it was still our second most popular story in March.

Third was Asimov's First Law, a range of weighing scales that allow you to deceive yourself about your weight, by designer Alice Wang.

Fourth was Office for Metropolitan Architecture with their masterplan for Waterfront City, a new city proposed for Dubai.

Fifth was Chanel Contemporary Art Container, a travelling art space designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

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  • kingmu

    Now, wait a minute… I want to make sure I understand…

    You gave an award to a group who initiated a computer virus?

    How incredibly inspiring to those minds bent on causing havoc.

    Okay… that may be the end of my visits to Dezeen.

  • H.Grail

    they turned me into a newt… i got better.