Die Kunstbar by Studio Arne Quinze



Studio Arne Quinze have completed the interior of die Kunstbar in Cologne, Germany.


Situated at the base of the Dome cathedral, the bar is covered with packing crates used to ship artwork.


The space was furnished by Quinze and Milan with variations of Studio Arne Quinze's own chair design, Room 26 Seat.


The first piece of artwork to be exhibited is a video installation by Quinze entitled EYE.C.U.


Here are some more details from Studio Arne Quinze:


die kunstbar by Studio Arne Quinze

Studio Arne Quinze (www.studioarnequinze.tv) transposed the concept and vision for the interior design of die kunstbar under the steps of the Dome in Cologne, Germany. The cathedral shews up the entire scenery, looking down over the entire city. A Dome referring to the catholic history of Köln, a Dome watching over the mass as the domineering replacer of God on earth.


Wooden boxes used to transport art are covering the bar. What’s behind itstays unrevealed. A metaphor for the church not revealing what happens in the church as its trying to keep hold of its controlling role in society. Those boxes used to wrap up art, church wraps up the freedom of the mind.


Quinze & Milan furnished the interior of the 174 sqm large ‘kunstbar’ with various adaptations of its Room 26 Seat, designed by Studio Arne Quinze.


'EYE.C.U' by Arne Quinze (video art installation)

Arne Quinze is the first artist to exhibit his work in the art hotspot located in the heart of the city, under the steps of the Dome. He presents ‘EYE.C.U’, a unique and uncanny video-installation replacing the religious all-seeying-eye with a contemporary digital one.


Location: chargesheimerplatz 1, 50667 köln.



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  • one

    How come that German Artists have the vision to become a hunter in nature while they practice art in urbanity? Still under a large influence of Joseph?
    Arrangement of chairs reminds me of an informal groups meeting activities rather than individual chat place. Artists (wants to) shares a lot in common in Germany, I may assume?

  • joshua

    interesting project!

  • two

    crazy Quinze!

  • bald skull

    all those poor cows

  • My University is near cologne, i´ll have to visit that bar one time

  • AZM

    Too much Exposed.

  • stev

    Hi one, I don’t think this deals with the thoughts or feel of german artists but with the ego of the belgium designer Quinze (which is ok for me). Yes, Beuys’ work use some fur but it is more about energy and its only a part of german artists which is still under influence by him. This here is “design for design” I guess and the peer group seems to be art audience more than artists. Anyway it looks interesting but uncomfortable for me. More a design installation than a bar usability concept.

  • Bernd Antu

    I’ve been at the Kunstbar last friday.
    Perfect place, perfect drinks, perfect people!