Casa Paracaima by DCPP Arquitectos



More from DCPP Arquitectos: the Mexican architects have recently completed a private residence in Mexico City.


The 360 square metre house consists of two concrete volumes.


Timber used for pouring the concrete was reused for interior elements.


See our earlier story about DCPP's warehouse and offices for textile company Bayon Artell.

Here's some more information from the architects:


location: México D.F.
360 m2

Casa Paracaima its a private residence located in México city.


The site has 400m2 and a lot of restrictions to the sides and at the front.


We used these restrictions to give shape to the house always searching for the maximum amount of open areas and good orientation.


That gave us a project that consists of two main volumes that intersect: the first volume consists of a big, structural, concrete arch 25 cm and 7.5 mts. high, that carries the other volume. This volume contains the main open area with an open terrace, with the roof passing at 7.5 on one side. The other side holds the library.


The wood used to pour the concrete was used again in some of the woodwork inside the house, such as the doors.


The other volume, in contrast with the big arch, is much more closed and contains all the private areas of the house.


This volume contains the main open area with an open terrace with the roof passing at 7.5 on one side and on the other side holds the library.


The other volume in contrast with the big arch, its much more close and contains all the private areas of the house.

Update 21/01/09: DCPP Arquitectos have sent us the following drawings:







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  • Mowgli

    it looks good on the outside but what does it look like on the inside

  • i love the geometry in this house

  • Looks like this house might be insanely hot without a massive air-conditioner.
    I also don’t see any openable windows?
    Other than that, it looks quite sleek.

  • G

    I’m trying to find some mistake or fault in order so I can make some smart clever negative comment about it. But I can’t. It is perfection. Dead jealous….. Great stuff.

  • Fantastic..Absolutely love it.. this is the kind of project that I would love to work on.. great work!!

  • NMiller

    I really like this house from a compositional standpoint. Where are the drawings? Plans? Details?

  • Jay D

    it may look sleek on the inside, but it looks like it offers little to the street/public realm apart from blank facades…it is easy to acknowledge the street whilst maintaining privacy

  • jet

    I agree with NMiller there should be drawings to accompany the images to have better understanding of the design

  • Konstantin S.

    What about a Google Earth Link to view the exact location, the context and the orientation.

    At least, floor plans qould be quite useful to understand the cubature!

  • Billy

    Slightly too sombre but very slick

  • Ben

    what’s that fireplace doing outside? heating the world are you?

  • very tidy indeed!

  • Luxury Larry

    Some quirky feature that I particular fond of. Like the outdoor fireplace. It doesn’t matter about praticality. Pretty unique. Oh the whole nice piece of architecture but, on a negative note, doesn’t feels warm.

    It does reminds me of a house in Chicago by Tadao Ando with a ramp leading to a reflective pool.

  • Joel DW

    Great design, I’ll give them an A+

  • Minh

    I love the geometry of the house and its contrary in structure and material. Looking really great at every angle indeed.
    The perfect point is it looks quite bulky at street elevation but looks really light inside with the courtyard.

    Great!!! Thanks

  • cocteau

    lovely!! i really like the way volumes seems to crash into each others and the proportion between solids and voids.
    i´ll like to see more of the inside.


    me encanta este tipo de casas exelente diseño voz felicito .
    en la parte en donde el cuerpo esta suspendido te ace centir una casa ligera!¡!¡!¡!

  • Es realmente grato ver una obra de arquitectura así; Con esta perfección, esa mano de obra impecable, un gusto sencillo y refinado por el diseño, esa busqueda de contrastes mediante la utilización de los materiales.

    felicidades, soy mexicano también y en verdad me enorgullese ver esta obra publicada.

  • con ese tipo de arquitectura también me siento orgulloso como mi compa mexicano.
    excelente proyecto, me gustaría verlo en persona.

  • charlotte



    I guess maybe once the vegitation grows it will feel like living in the trees, meanwhile it's magnetic windows will cook you alive in some spaces.