LED table lamp by Michael Young for Wästberg



Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish brand Wästberg will launch a table lamp by designer Michael Young in Stockholm later this week.


The lamp has a star-shaped stem that enables the head to be rotated 360-degrees through six positions.


Young describes it as an "engineered product inspired by my passions for industrial process and production innovation."


Below is some more information from Wästberg and Michael Young:


Stockholm Furniture Fair, February 4 - 8, 2009
Stand C 05:21

Lamps for Offices, Hotels and Caves. (Not to mention Tunnels.)

Man appeared.
Man felt comfortable and safe around light sources he could control.
Man felt comfortable and safe for 300,000 years.

Man began to over-illuminate rooms and halls.
General lighting was calibrated for the areas that needed the most light.
Far too many areas received far too much light.
Man felt dazzled and irradiated.
Man no longer felt comfortable or safe.

One of the people affected (a Swede) started reasoning to himself.
What would happen if you softened general lighting, and used direct lighting where needed instead?
A more functional, more economic, more energy efficient, more flexible and more aesthetic lighting solution would ensue.
But entirely new demands were made of the new direct lighting.

Man started to experiment.
Man got scent.
Wästberg appeared.

Wästberg got the help of some of the world’s foremost designers in order to realise his vision. The lamps drew attention wherever they were shown.
Newspapers reported.
The future looked bright.

Dark times appeared.
The world turned upside down.
Wästberg expanded his range based on new economic and environmental requirements.

Man regained the scent once more.
Even in his wildest imagination, Wästberg couldn‘t see himself as a light at the end of the tunnel.

Young w094t - LED table lamp

Working with Wästberg has given me the unique opportunity to take a fresh approach to the design of desk light typologies. Inspired by new factories I have discovered over the last years in Asia, I found a number of technologies that I believe have enabled me to create some freshness and unique functions. The arm of this design is simple, extruded and then stamped - a process uniquely from the bicycle industry that offers fresh context to the design market. The star-shaped stem pivots its way through 6 positions around a 360-degree axis. It is certainly an engineered product inspired by my passions for industrial process and production innovation. / Michael Young

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  • Darren

    Dunno about you guys, but it sure looks like a lamp post to me.

  • Marcus

    Man thinks explanation is a bit much for just a table lamp who’s head moves. I think ikea already has a lamp that does this.

  • Brian


    Interesting mechanism! However I dont think it will work as a streetlamp. Too many people will get knoked in the head!

    Thanks Michael!

  • Add some water and you also have a great faucet

  • modular

    This is a weee bit boring.

  • Awesome !!! This lamp is so beautiful !!!

  • Will

    too many cooks making simplicity go wrong. impeccable fit and finish, just not sure about the section and bent lamp post effect.

  • dsgnr

    where did beauty go?

  • modular

    You know… Karich is right. This would be a great faucet. Indeed!

  • omar

    thanks for posting photos not renderings.

  • modular

    omar, that was evil :D

  • WM

    I like the combo of soft base form with the almost aggressive look of the stem- and when turned 90 degrees keeps its lines. Simple clever sturdy.

  • retch

    just saw the real thing and its hot …really new
    and well put together..just as well you guys
    dont have any work

  • I think that’s the latest modern table lamp.. Well I don’t like the golden color I like the simple one.. But they’re both cool.

  • I love it, we have some good ones

  • I like the design, diffrent and very cool.

  • Francis Dee

    Its a nice light but I really like a light that I can actually afford and buy. The ECOLIGHT by IMG Lighting is about $100, had the dual white and warm LEDs for really good lighting temperature, and a touch sensor so I can adjust it for reading and writing.

    It has no moving controls (touch sensors think IPOD!) and so things wont break. I havent found an ‘real’ LED lamp for this price. Other LED lamps are LED but they just dont put out enough light, the ones that do are like $250 +.


  • Nice, I like it, although a solar cell would complete this design…just a thought