Odd, Symbio and Bold by Jonas Wagell



Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish designer Jonas Wagell will display three new collections called Odd, Symbio and Bold at Stockholm Furniture Fair this week. 


Odd (top image) is a series of lamps, bowls and vases made of aluminium, birch and ceramic. Symbio (above) is a table lamp designed for dimming, low-energy bulbs, available in four different colours. Bold (below) is a wall clock available in two sizes.


Stockholm Furniture Fair takes place 4-8 February.

Here's some more information from Jonas Wagell about each design:


After winning 100% Futures Competition last fall Jonas Wagell received a free 60 sqm space in the young designers hall, where he built a full-scale Mini House - a flat-pack, prefab house concept (see our previous story). At Stockholm Furniture Fair 2009 Jonas Wagell will show three exciting products which will soon be available for purchase:


Lamps, bowls and vases

Meet the Odd family, a product series consisting of four pendant lamps and four bowls.


The items have a playful and strong character created by combining a colourful bowl in aluminium with a base of solid birch or white ceramic in various ways. And upside-down.


Year of production: 2009
Material: birch, ceramics, aluminium, polyester powder coating
Colours: RAL 5000 Light Blue, RAL 5002 Utramarine, RAL 9040 Signal White, RAL 7040 Window Grey, RAL 3015 Traffic Red


Table lamp

Symbiosis is a table lamp with classic features, suited for modern low energy light bulbs. The table lamp is designed to aesthetically fit the new dimmable low energy globes.


The simple and analogue features enhance an old-fashioned feeling and further distract attention from the modern light source.


Year of production: 2009
Material: mild steel, plastic, polyester powder coating
Colours: RAL 5015 Sky Blue, RAL 4010 Telemagenta, RAL 9016 Traffic White, RAL 7021 Black Grey



Wall clocks

These wall clocks tell time loudly with bold colours and chubby features, yet each has a whispering simplicity with its honest and simple shape. Bold comes in two sizes. The small clock is 30 cm in diameter and the large one is fifty.


Year of production: 2009
Materials: aluminium, polypropylene, steel, polyester powder coating
Colours: RAL 5015 Sky Blue, RAL 4010 Telemagenta, RAL 9003 Signal White, RAL 9005 Jet Black


More about Jonas Wagell on Dezeen:



Mini house

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  • famul

    This are renderings !!!
    Could you post real photos of it?

  • Yes, why renderings? Every product design school applicant has 15 of these sorts of projects in their portfolio.

    So strange that even the ‘photo shoot’ with all the lamps etc. are rendered. Weird.

    In this project, nothing is actually made yet but the colours are chosen? For example that neo-modern, British-style clock comes in “RAL 4010 Telemagenta” while the Jamie Hayon-like lamps above come in, ‘5002 Utramarine.” Que?, the paint chips are tested but the form isn’t?

    I don’t mind when Dezeen posts renderings, but please, if so, they should be evocative, atmospheric, and indicative of a rich idea- not something that is consumable, nice, and easily made within current production methods.

    What is the point?

  • morgan geist


    Hello this is Morgan,

    Elizabeth, precisely.
    I am happy not to see a post on dezeen or a day, if that means filtering out the increasing number of the 2nd life objects.

    I find it a totally abstract concept to be able to comment on the physical value of such “objects”.


  • modular

    Love this. Don’t care if they are renderings or not. They just have to be good (existing or not) products!

  • Mr. Anonymous

    To post a rendering on a design, be it product or industrial, is beyond shameful on the part of Dezeen. One of the reasons it has become such a solid and reliable purveyor of information, is due to the quality of information posted. And to post an illusion of work as opposed to actual work takes away all criticality. In the case of architecture, I understand. Blueprints are technical and legal documents and don’t convey ambiance or emotion. To show renderings of a wall clock, some decorative pieces that hang and sit as well as of a table lamp is just ridiculous. Not to say that they are not beautiful, they are.

    It’s irrelevant they don’t exist. They are someone’s dream. And this is not the venue for items that are mere ideas or resemble student work.

  • Jonas has a very unique style. It consists of very basic colorful shapes and abstract environments. He was noted by Wallpaper magazine last year as one of the architects of the year. His industrial design is okay, but I think his small homes are my favorite. Be sure to check out his floating house.