Bottle by TAF



Stockholm Design Week 09: Designer Mattias Ståhlbom of TAF Arkitektkontor has created a range of lighting called Bottle for Swedish producers Zero.


The shade is made from glass and will be available in acrylic, with a handle made from cast aluminium.


“Use it as a pendant, on the floor, on the table or at the wall. Use it everywhere, even outside," says Ståhlbom.


The product was exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Zero's Stockholm showroom and at the Swedish Style - Workplaces exhibition at the Nordic Light Hotel.

Title: Bottle
Object: pendant, table and floor lamp
Client: Zero
Design: Mattias Ståhlbom
Photos: Zero
Date: 2009
Materials: painted, diecasted aluminium. Shade in opal, matt acrylic.
1x18W compact flourescent socket Gx24q-2.
Diameter 400 mm.

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  • modular

    Giant christmas tree balls with the shape of a bottle.

  • Post

    “The shade is made from glass and will be available in acrylic” … sorry? But otherwise really nice!

  • saitoh

    not bad

  • zuy

    bottle typology was used for lamp by some designers…. but here i’s not a bottle… see Droog design, Sam Baron

  • zuy

    ….the milk bottle lamp designed by Tejo Remy by Droog Design,

  • zuy

    champagne la

  • Will

    transparent SIGG bottle but slightly squashed.

  • HC

    Has quite a resemblance to Konstantin Gricics Mayday, I think but I kind of like it.
    A shame the images are so white, you can hardly see the lamp.
    That’s actually a big problem for a lot of the designers displaying lamp designs here on Dezeen; they don’t display what the lamp looks like when functioning as a lamp, but in a bright sterile environment…