Smasher by DesignWright



Brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright of London design studio DesignWright have created a spring-loaded potato-masher for manufacturers Joseph Joseph.


The utensil is made from glass-reinforced polypropylene and stainless steel, and is available in grey or green.


Here's some more information from Joseph Joseph:


Let me introduce you to the latest product designed by the award winning design duo, Adrian & Jeremy Wright for Joseph Joseph – the Smasher. Whether it’s King Edwards, Desirees or Maris Pipers, the Smasher will reduce these root vegetables to a perfect purée quicker than you can say ‘pomme de terre’.


The Smasher has been specifically engineered to make mashing quick & easy. It combines the mechanics and efficiency of a potato ricer with the convenience of a traditional masher. The efficient mechanism cups and traps the potato firmly in place, meaning no more chasing potatoes around the saucepan, before the unique spring-loaded mechanism mashes it to a magnificent lump-free consistency.


The Smasher will be in stores week commencing 9 March 2009, and will be available for purchase direct from the manufacturer’s website.

  • RRP £12
  • Choice of 2 colours; green or grey
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Manufactured from glass reinforced polypropylene and stainless steel
  • Easy clean, dishwasher safe

More about Joseph Joseph on Dezeen:



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  • bodkin

    another classic example of an unecessary design solution to a problem that doesn’t exist

  • Russell

    Just the coolest kitchen products going – Awesome!!

  • ZUY

    UK Joseph Joseph are new genius in kitchen and food design …and Dutch Royal VBK too….

  • jed_

    if it works it’s a good design. if it doesn’t it’s not. it’s hard to tell without using it since it’s not particularly great looking.

  • Will

    there are many ways to create the perfect mash, e.g baking potatoes and scooping them out of their skins. I certainly hope I don’t have to use this, it may work, but smells of gadget novelty that make me want to use Smash ready mix.

  • zuy

    Ok with jed …. i need to use it to know but i’m diabetic
    This one of the new collection is more eye’s catching

  • andy

    ahh i hate looking at food implements just makes me wanna eat ynomnomnmmnomnomnononmnomnnom ynump! joseph n joseph are a neat company props to them.

  • zuy

    Brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright of London design studio DesignWright have a red dot with Joseph Joseph.( The manufacturer get an other red dot too with a floding cutting board )

  • djvd

    Wow, a design published on dezeen photographed when in use!

  • Chuma

    Looks like it works well. Designwright have obviously studied the mechanics of mashing (rather than just sticking a bright coloured novelty plastic handle on a conventional masher). Just hope the price is as mainstream as Joseph Joseph products normally are. GREAT PRODUCT!

  • Flatcap

    Love mash, love the Smasher! I will be adding this to my collection of Joseph Joseph kitchen accoutrements – I would prefer a pink one though.

  • Aaron

    I agree completely with Bodkin. It turns my stomach that designers find it acceptable to create spring-loaded potato mashers. It’s shameful and debasing to the entire profession.

  • J*

    To me it is just trying to re-invent the wheel. but adding more stuff on it so that people might think it is “better”, looks “better”, feels “better”. just another gimmick that is going to brake/be a pain in the neck to clean, and then, be replaced in the drawer by the good old traditional masher. Another “get only one for the price of two” Conclusion: , are we going to stop producing useless stuff that costs the planet?

  • playcheckers

    why do you need the spring? if it was just the handle and the white part it would do the same thing just as well. this is so pointless my brain is tieing itself in knots trying to figure out why you would decide you needed the spring.
    Also its harder to clean as the more details you have, the more places there is for the potato to get stuck. this isn’t smart at all. I wish people would stop being so shortsighted

  • degs

    I have to be honest… love the look and feel of the product.
    I think the designers did a great job there.
    They just fell a bit short on the spring area, too unresolved and way too exposed. It’s a potential mouse trap.

  • Terry

    I have it and it’s fantastic. Makes mashing so much easier – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.