Top lamp by Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter



Milan 09: Swedish architects Tham & Videgård Hansson have designed their first product - a folded metal pendant light.


Top lamp, designed for Swedish lighting brand Zero, will be launched in Milan next month, during the international furniture fair.


Here's some info from the architects:


Tham & Videgård Hansson Architects has made its first foray into mass-produced product design with Top lamp, produced by Zero. It's a sheet of metal folded into a pyramid shape and its bottom is sealed with translucent plastic to diffuse the light.


One of the corners can be tilted by the user, making it seem more like a pendant sculpture than a light. The Top light will also expand into a series of lamps on the same theme and will be shown for the first time in Milan 2009.’

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  • YuYu

    i saw something in Milan the same as this last year in a part of Tortona with some British designers. it was triangular, sheet steel and adjusted in the same way i think.

  • i’m undecided: after a tree hotel cube, a triangular pendant…may be a circle table next time

  • G.O

    this was part of design plus milan at zona tortona last year but i think the designer was from hong kong.

  • bonzo

    hmmmmm, seen that before i am sure…………………………………..

  • I think ist a good product with a fuctional twist I like.
    The size makes it: it would look trivial smaller, and
    be unpractical any bigger. Works well with energysavers
    due to its foil. Nice archetype. I say well done!

  • i will find it … thanks i know now he was not egyptian born living in NYC

  • YuYu

    i knew i had seen it somewhere before………….

  • Maria

    I’ve seen a lot of circular lamps from may different designers, a lot of triangular ones as well. The detailing makes all the difference!