Collection One by hundredstensunits



London Design Festival 09: Young Coventry designers hundredstensunits have designed their first collection of furniture and products.


The studio was established by Matt Bassett, David Horan and Tom Nelson following their graduation in June last year.


A-Series Storage (above) is inspired by ISO paper sizes, with each unit made from material that is more processed than the one preceding it.


Other designs include an LED lamp with steel frame (top image), a desk with a drawer that opens from either side (above) and a wall clock with an elongated second hand (below).


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Here's some text from the designers:


hundredstenunits collection one

Each product was designed to be simple, useful and easy to manufacture; guided by a modernist aesthetic, but not overworked; un-designed, crafted. We are currently prototyping pieces locally in preparation for the London Design Festival in September 2009.


The result of a continuing creative dialogue between Matt Bassett, David Horan and Tom Nelson; hundredstensunits was established in order to design and manufacture simple, beautiful and useful products utilising local resources and expertise.


hundredstensunits is available for consultation, collaboration and commission on an ad hoc basis; services include: product design, NURB surface modelling, visualisation, concept art (from freehand sketches to technical illustration), design for print, logos and branding, web layouts and research.


From top:

A4 Lamp

Steel, Plastics, Electronics
297 x 210 x 72 mm

A specifically developed compact LED array housed in a delicate steel shell.


Anodised Aluminium Surface, Steel Leg-form
1400 x 700 x 700 mm

A large durable working surface precision engineered in steel and aluminium; understated linear simplicity.

A-Series Storage

Oak, Birch Plywood, Oriented Strand Board, Medium Density Fibreboard, Acrylic
1237 x 889 x 297 mm

Inspired by ISO paper sizing. Constructed from different grades of material, each more processed than the last; the units can be used individually or collectively.

Desk + Drawer

Hardwood, Plywood
1500 x 750 x 700 mm

Hand crafted and elegantly ambidextrous; the drawer is accessible from both sides.

Wall Clock

Aluminium Face, Steel Hands, German High Torque Movement
Ø 180 mm

An aesthetic dictated by the disproportionate second hand. The graphical information provided is minimal, yet essential.

Low Table

Veneered Plywood Surface, Steel Leg-form
840 x 590 x 300 mm

A substantial wooden platform disguised by a beveled edge, mounted on an elegant one-piece leg-form.

A-Series Tableware

Modest plastic vessels designed for mass production.

Alan Chair

Steel, Birch Plywood
900 x 730 x 625 mm

Simple, rigid and oversized; sit, perch, place.

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  • Indi

    The great wheel turns! Though to be fair, Wallpaper* has been pushing this Scandinavian retro look for quite some time. Nice to see objects without ‘personality’ and whose concept is ‘no concept’: fit to purpose and calming in effect. Well done those boys!

  • absolute great design – really pure

  • xtiaan

    that golden section /paper sizes shelf is mean!

  • münte

    50´s hurray :)

  • Very cool stuff. Specially liked the drawer and the shelf. Best wishes

  • bodkin

    it’ll be nice to see if they can actually manufacture the products with elements that thin, especially the table and the desk, looks like there might be a bit of give and things will get wobbly! better not put your coffee down

  • jake

    Classic, minimal and modern.
    I’d buy some.

  • Xit

    Impressive 3D images / ?

  • tom

    impressive renders. is it maxwell or fryrender?

  • bodkin with the same material Aril Levy did that table

  • Xit

    ^ Zuy why did you post that image ?

  • jakob

    damn hot! where can i get some of that stuff ;)… keep us informed!

  • toon

    i can see why you think of the golden selection xtiaan,
    that was the first thing that came to mind with me too.

    i think it is weird that they didn’t take all the sizes of
    the ISO paper sizes. for example the a4 lamp:
    297 x 210 x 72 mm

    why the 72 mm? why not take a size that comes back
    in the ISO paper size format? like 74mm?

    i think that when one takes a concept you should take
    it to extremes and not stop at a certain point.

  • rita

    Toon; I think 74mm is a quater of 297mm? A piece of A4 paper folded into 4 lengthways.
    So I think the concept is all there.

  • Beautiful work. Clocks are quite wonderful….. it all is. Nice job!

  • toon


    if it were 74mm you where right!
    it is however 72mm in the lamp.

  • Most certainly different thats for sure. Not something that I would have every in a million years ever thought of designing or creating.

  • There is some delicate work involved there, like how minimilist it looks though. Gave me some good ideas. Thanks