Cloud paper sofa by Tokujin Yoshioka



Milan 09: Italian manufacturers Moroso, will present a sofa by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka at the furniture fair in Milan this month.


The prototype on display will be made of paper; the design will later be developed for production using fabrics.


Here's some text from Tokujin Yoshioka Design:


Paper sofa "Cloud"

I have pondered on expressing the texture of material in nature through industrial product.


This new product for Moroso might be a reminiscent of clouds in the sky and flow of water, which are breathed in one's memories. For the prototype, which will be presented this year's Salone, I decided to use paper in order to make it conceptual.


Later on, they will be developed with fabrics and other materials for daily use. I am fascinated in the elements of nature, because they are not deliberated on purpose but they have the beauty born of coincidence beyond human imagination.


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  • ambroise

    A japonese designer inspired by nature, nothing new.
    “I have pondered on expressing the texture of material in nature through industrial product”, still nothing new.

  • heavy use of material….and heavy….

  • i like the sketching and prototype on paper

  • this crazy comment is not mine :”Prof:ZUY Says: April 1st, 2009 at 12:52 pm heavy use of material….and heavy….”

  • jeff K

    ‘I decided to use paper in order to make it conceptual.’

    Wow, I never realised conceptual design was that easy?

    looks nice though

  • tommy

    stop hating. hating is also quite ordinary.

  • tanaka shin

    Just crushing pieces of papers, sewing them to wrap around an otherwise mundane looking sofa, and calling it “cloud paper sofa” ?

    How easy can that be? Even my 8 yrs old son can do that.

  • greenbananas

    i like how he says that he would use paper to make it conceptual… using paper can be your concept, but using paper to make is seem conceptual just doesnt work. and anyways i feel like ive seen something similar before…

  • Garth N.

    cozy & delightfully informal in a classy way.

  • Kris Adams

    I quite like this but it is in no way new or exciting. The only thing is I’d never buy such a thing because:

    1) I can’t afford anything from Moroso probably


    2) I’d want to sit on it and I think sitting on it would just eventually ruin it’s ‘paperness’.


  • I would hardly compare this to a stack of tied up rags. this is heavenly looking and has transformed the tough cold texture of paper into something you want to touch. I don’t know another example of wanting to sink into paper.

  • home

    Tokujin, I think you can make a long chaise longue with this concept. it’s a feeling of flowing and smooth.

  • Adf

    There is a fine line between minimal elegance…

  • M

    feeling sorry for the woods.

  • Crisis time design. Milan this year may have lots of these new “old products”
    The investments this year should be very modest.

  • sunshine design

    would be cool to be able to make ones one sofa by using used paper from school kids or newspaper …

  • Eduardo since 2 years the investments in platic molding was reduced…

  • Made in fabric and accompanied with a soft throw? I’d spend many, many hours on this sofa!! I honestly can’t say that for too many modern seating designs of late.

  • I feel good with this superbe realisation. Bravo for the work of Tokujin Yoshioka.
    I like very much the poetry of using paper in a journey with yourself.
    All explorations are always welcome on a sofa!

  • yoshioka at its best with "fiber" works