Sara Lee headquarters by Marco Hemmerling



Architect Marco Hemmerling has designed the headquarters of cup cake brand Sara Lee in Cologne, Germany.


The interior includes a reception, refreshment facilities and waiting area.


Sara Lee products are presented on back-lit shelving.


Here's some text from Marco Hemmerling:


Sara Lee, Cologne

The re-design for the reception area of the Sara Lee headquarter in Cologne aims to generate a light atmosphere that relates to the products and values of the company.


The daylight-flooded space is organized in a reception and a waiting zone which are related to each other.


The curved information-counter integrates the registration and the visitor information as well as a service spot for drinks and snacks, while the products and brands of the company are presented in the backlit exhibition wall of the waiting area.

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  • l dawg

    haha, hell, this looks 10 times better than the Artemide space, and its Sarah Lee!!!!

  • The Pritzker Prize Winner 2009 is Peter Zumthor!

  • tommi

    Wawwwwwwhat a company! it manages to juz hava reception as “HQ”, guess it’s d’ funniest HQ project i ‘ve ever seen & then realise ooooops misled byd’ title, it’s only the re-design for the reception area.

  • I have to say, this is precisely how I would want their pound cake presented to me.

  • KDS

    Nice little redesign. But the human silhouettes have GOT to go.

  • “haha, hell, this looks 10 times better than the Artemide space, and its Sarah Lee!!!!”

    I would have to agree 1 dawg. As delicious as their mud cake!

  • Ste

    yes compare this and the artemide space 3 post ago and oyu realise that you can get precisely formed surfaces after all… well these are not double curved so its quite easy but the final expression is much more sophisticated! great

  • martin

    What is the name off the two white chairs?

  • soulchen

    without the red sign will be better