Competition: five V01EL watches to be won



Dezeen have teamed up with Hong Kong-based designer David Ericsson of VOID watches again to offer readers the chance to win one of five watches from the new V.01EL  collection.


The new watches have stainless steel cases and leather straps as well as a large, back-lit display.


The latest addition to the range is the V10EL - COPPER (top image) and has a brushed-copper finish combined with a white, leather strap.


Readers have the chance to win one of five watches in any colour from the collection. Available in silver, gold, black and copper. Above: V10EL Watch - Silver


This competition has now closed.


Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page.  Above: V10EL watch - Gold


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Above: V10EL watch - Brushed silver

Here’s some info about the watches from David Ericsson:


About VOID watches

VOID Watches is a new, independent boutique watch brand launched in 2008 as the single vision of Swedish designer David Ericsson. VOID Watches has a unique take on watch design using simple yet expressive shapes, giving our watches an almost architectural expression. Just like a great building is designed to fit its environment, all VOID Watches are made to sit perfectly on your wrist.


Following up on the successful V01, we are proud to introduce the updated version, V01EL. You might not see it right away but we have reengineered the entire watch to include a larger, backlit display (hence the extra button). To increase readability even more we have also selected a new material for the lens that will increase contrast in the LCD display.


The latest addition to the V01EL range is our V01EL – COPPER. Made from the same high quality stainless steel as our other watches, the case is treated to a beautiful brushed copper finish. Combined with a white strap this might be our most beautiful watch to date.


Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Meassurements: 36x42x9mm (WxHxD)

Waterproof: 3ATM/30M

Strap: Leather

Functions: Time / Date / Light

Warranty: 1 year

VOID - In astronomy, voids are the empty spaces between filaments, the largest-scale structures in the Universe, that contain very few, or no, galaxies. Voids typically have a diameter of 40 to 500 million light years.

Congratulations to the winners! Githa Hartako Ong in Indonesia, Graham Burn in the UK, Hasne Wolfgang in France, and Yoshimi Kaga Chris Swoszowski in the USA all won watches from the new V.01EL  collection by VOID watches.

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Competition: five V.01 watches to be won

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  • Catherine

    please, with that i will never be late……

  • Hung

    Such a clean design.


    great texture

  • feri

    please sent me the gold one…T_T

  • simply beautiful, cool!

  • Joel D. Wilson

    Great looking works of art!

  • Angel

    maybe it could be better if it has the hand sistem and not digital… (the wood is more hand than digital :P)
    but the materials are quite innovatives, the matches i mean…
    Anyway, i would like to have it :P

  • Jim Ferguson

    I would love to show off my Void, when ever you get the chance to pop it in the mail, I will be waiting…big ups!

  • I haven’t been wearing a watch for so long ever since I broke my wrist, but VOID makes me wanna wear one again!

  • Rachel Levin

    I LOVE this watch. and love is a very, very strong word. <3

  • Paula McGrath

    Peering into the VOID of time never looked so good! Loving the design. P

  • YBaggili

    My watch ironically stopped as I was imagining myself winning one of those… Seriously!
    Fingers crossed… It would make an excellent gift: my birthday is on the end of May too!

  • Patrice Lachance

    First time with Dezeen, First time i hear about VOID but for both of them it’s definetely not the last time I ¨watch¨ them…
    Really great design! Excellent Work!


    Love this minimal watch. Hope I can show it off and win more loyalty for David Ericsson!

  • glaucio de souza

    the black one is mine, thank you dezeen!

  • I wish I will be able to win the watch..i really love them, prayssssssss.

  • Very elegant. Digital makes it that much more interesting.