360° Family by Konstantin Grcic for Magis



Milan 09: Italian brand Magis presented the 360° family, a range of office furniture by Konstantin Grcic, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile last month.360-family-by-konstantin-grcic_chair_1.jpg

The 360° Collection comprises of a chair, stool, table and container.

The chair, stool and tables are adjustable in height.


The pieces are constructed from steel frames painted  in epoxy resin, the seat of the chairs are made from integral self-bearing polyurethane, the table tops from MDF and the container on wheels is made in ABS plastic.


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Posted on Friday May 8th 2009 at 11:13 am by Ali Morris. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • i love Konstantin G+ the 360° Collection ….at 360 ° from Hayon + Wanders, 180° from S+arck, 30° from Bouroullec’s… May be he navigates now in several directions after minimalism and fragtal design with Plank and Magis ships and DA?

  • lex

    Grcic – what are you doing?

  • Clifford

    Sat on it in Milan, very uncomfortable but very cool.

  • peter

    I’ve just one question: Why do you need to know the angle of position of your seat? It´s kinky.

  • The stools are pretty interesting because it permits dinamic postures. It might be good for a craftsman shop or even for a musicist.
    I don´t think the chair is so practical as the stool. The height of the chair may dificult a good posture in it´s small seat/backrest.

  • xenia

    a little uncomfortable no?

  • Very nice :) to have your legs right underneath your body while seated. This is a very elegant solution to an ergonomic problem. A very playful one too.

    On a side note:
    Does the backrest move? Does it have to? I’ll have to give it a go … yeehah!

  • Just like my leather bicycle saddle, this will reduce the odds of me having children. It seems like one of those things that one should try before they pass judgement.

  • João

    I can’t stop thinking… riding a horse or fell you’re balancing in a playground for 4 hours ’till the luch time comes… loved the table and the container…

  • i love Konstantin G+ the 360° Collection ….at 180 ° from Hayon + Wanders, 90° from S+arck, 30° from Bouroullec’s… May be he navigates now in several directions after minimalism and fragtal design with Plank and Magis ships and DA?

  • Xit
  • Roy

    Is this design just for the sake of design? That chair can’t be serious. A few entries down was a chair with a hard flat seat. Very unergonomic. Form should follow function when it comes to actual use.

  • Luxury Larry

    They look cool but defintely not comfortable. Glad somoene confirm that.

  • Thanks Xit for info and to Marcus Fairs to correct my comment about 360 ° to 180°..
    I’ m not here as a freelance design writer but also to listen …
    Designers and producers let’s talk about your projects
    Je ne suis pas là uniquement pour écrire en freelance sur le design… Designers et editeurs parlons de vos projets…
    Ps : je reçois 20 mails par jour de designers du monde de demain qui se battit depuis hier et aujourd’hui… 20 mails a day by designers tu built the future of design here…

  • Viqui

    Xit – Thanks for the video.
    What kind of explanation of a design is that!!! As if turning 360 degrees on a chair is an innovation.

  • Xit,
    Great image you posted. The stool is quite the same our friend Gcric. showed here.

    Prof. Z will save the design!

  • Hmmm…am I missing it? Where is the stool? Or is it just the chair with the back removed? No matter, the set is beautiful and will certainly add cool to an office, though luckily not mine.. There is no chance I would sit on such a thing longer than it took to write this post.

  • how do sit!?

  • Jack

    Interesting. A beautiful nod to George Nelson’s perch stool. The raised degree marks of the foot rest are a nice solution to prevent wear to colored coating. The shape is incredible. Bravo!

  • Will

    wow this think really looks ugly in the renderings, but then you see it being explained and used by Gricic in its various states and it makes you think about posture and the temporary nature of seating that needs addressing. This would be perfect for schools, homes, shops and many other spaces where we perch or sit for less than an hour at a time. Well done Magis for being bold

  • OS

    Looks like a military weapon.

  • Watch me

    the table….
    is brilliant. Just looking at it makes me want to thow down some paper and draw. My knees dont bump any extraneous hardware, i can adjust the height incrementally to suit the hour. Perfect.
    But when i look at the chair I feel like i am falling off it already. It looks like it should come with a saddle or a course of yoga instruction?