Marni New York by Sybarite



London architecture and design practice Sybarite have completed the interior of a new flagship store for fashion brand Marni in New York.


A stainless steel, tree-like structure rises from the ground floor to the first through an opening in the floor.


Materials include polished stainless steel, fibreglass and leather.


Photographs by Paul Warchol.

Here's some more information from Sybarite:


Sybarite Press Release Text: Project 278 – Marni Madison Avenue NYC

Marni’s new flagship boutique is a stylised take on a gallery of modern art, reflecting the vibrant, bustling and funky atmosphere that is the New York aesthetic. Extending over two floors, abstract shapes and strong lines provide a dramatic backdrop, while sculptural forms display the collection like pieces of art.


Creating a powerful double-height entrance, a hole is punched through the ceiling into the first floor, an effect repeated at the back of the shop, allowing a giant stainless steel tree to grow up through a trapezoidal opening between the floors.


Large geometric cut-outs covered with stretched Barrisol fabric provide a theatrical glow from the ceilings. Inspired by the angular simplicity of origami, polished stainless steel panels wrap around the interior walls, anchoring the space.


While the materials palette of mirror-polished stainless steel, natural fibreglass and luxurious leather is intentionally quite minimalist, the effect is softened by plush carpeting throughout in varying tones of lilac.


Massive clusters of hanging mannequin pieces are scattered randomly, while backlit fibreglass accessories boxes, circular tiered shoe displays and stylised sunglass-wearing heads provide interesting focal points for the visitor.


Shop address: 21 E 67 Street, New York
Client: Marni, Milan, Italy (Consuelo & Gianni Castiglioni)
Architect: Sybarite, London, UK (Simon Mitchell, Torquil McIntosh)
Site Architect: Studio Morsa (Donato Savoie)
Main Contractor: Modus srl, Italy (Massimiliano Tiezzi)
Specialist Contractor Soozar, Shanghai, China (Susan Heffernan, Doukee Wang)
Shop Area: 250 m²
Completed: April 2009





More about Sybarite on Dezeen:



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  • garth n.

    yikes. this looks like to storage room of a department store.

    (too many opposing design ideas going on for my taste, & the steel rod/tree element makes the design look cheap.)

  • BH

    I am curious as to why you would want to have an unfinished roller brushed effect on the perimeter walls, it looks like only the first coat has been done. I can understand that a less flat surface might have been desired but if so I would have used a different material. Stopping short of the ceiling, skirting and displays just seems odd as opposed to a considered conceptual idea. It would have been better just painted normally… at least that can be easily fixed!

  • Andy

    I prefer the original future systems one! also what is going on with the shoddy paintwork…

  • Quinn

    Oi. Sometimes, designers, too much is just too much. This will not age well at all.

  • Jes

    i like the giant stainless steel tree design.

  • slater

    Welcome back 80’s…isn’t there a reason that we went away from this aesthetic? Oh yeah, cause it is UGLY! Sorry to be so opinionated, but this has to be the worst thing I’ve seen on Dezeen.

  • Dijana

    I don’t love it but it is not the worst thing on dezeen definitely! It’s not pretty, or innovative, or awesome (as many people like to describe things on dezeen)…. and it doesn’t have to be! It seems like it has some personality… And somehow it “looks like Marni”…

  • Jurgis

    To Dijana >>> dezzen and marni were created by the same Designer… and every designer (good one) has his philosophy, style and “mass” product which is used in every single project (it might be a small detail or the whole thing but IT will have it)…