Gorge by Ramei Keum



Korean product designer Ramei Keum has designed a steel table called Gorge.


The top and legs form one piece and create storage for magazines in slots running down two sides.


The metre-wide piece of furniture is made of powder-coated steel.


Here's a bit of text from Keum:


Gorge / 2009

‘Gorge’ is a coffee table with a shape of a gorge.

Designing it, I strived to put it in a form so that elements composing of a table such as a top board and legs may become one element, not individual elements.


The shape of a gorge folded in a V shape itself plays a structural role of supporting the top board of the table, and plays a role of holding/keeping magazines or books as well as completing an aesthetic form of the table.


Dimension_W 1000 D 600 H 300
Material_Steel / Powder coated

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  • Olive

    Its gorgeous … as a corner unit
    (I cringe at the thought of walking into the corner of that coffee table … its bound to hurt/inflict pain!)

  • Olive, I have the same idea, haha but anyway it’s a beautiful piece of work, it reminds me a mountain and a valley.

  • The Waynesky

    “it reminds me of a mountain and a valley”, I’m sure Mr. Keum is grateful for your insight.

  • Milan

    interesting but stupid…

  • Un objet à la base assez simple devient une sculpture ayant une fonction selon l’imagination de ce designer.

    il serait intéressant de voir comment une table de 6 ou 8 personnes pourraient avoir ce langage” edge design ”


  • Zarko

    delicate and useful!

  • georgeKlummy

    Is this table designed for dwarfs ? It looks too low. Only Koreans and Japanese will seat on the floor.

  • it’s a steel killer application…. as my Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona table in glass

  • bet

    There is no beauty or reasonable form… Why did you make it?

    Don’t forget saving your money in your pocket. man.

  • Bas


    Maybe.. It’s a sofa table.

  • To bet,

    Mind your own business.

  • “To bet, Mind your own business.”
    good architecture
    good art piece
    good art design piece
    good detail observation:plays a role of holding/keeping magazines or books
    BUT please with a low table dunnot kill your client or my children, it’s our own business too…write it’s a corner table as mentionned by Olive.

  • Dear Prof. Z viZion, deZign

    Thanks for your well-meant advice.
    Have a good day.

  • See dezeen with Prof Z see now deZeen with Prof Z…the difference is in detailbut it’s CAPITAL.
    You are in Dezeen, it’s great for you. Dezeen is very influent but you’re not 100 % approved by Prof Z and by comments(you will be never)…
    Prof Z will give you asap a Z award …

  • Spanky

    It’s a beautiful piece…. put your kids in the car or the closet where they belong.