Polygon Crash lamp by Flip Sellin



Flip Sellin of Berlin-based design group Coordination has designed a pendant lamp called Polygon Crash.


Three shades comprising folded polygonal shapes are suspended from thin wire and each houses a "micro-tube light".


Measuring more than a metre across, the hand-made pendant light is made of mild steel and partially-mirrored, stainless steel.


Sellin also designed the Crush sofa and NoVolume tables in our previous story.


Photographs are by Yves Sucksdorff.

Here are further details from Flip Sellin:


Polygon Crash – Pendant Light - Flip Sellin/Coordination

Polygon Crash is a handcrafted, prototype pendant light measuring approx. 110 x 80 x 60 cm. It is made of mild and stainless steel and consists of three layered polygon shades, each holding a micro-tubelight. The partially mirrored polygons are suspended by thin steel wire.


The shade’s composition creates a central void which the tubelight pouches are orientated towards. Once lit, the Polygons appear to crash into each other, reconstructing shapes, reflecting and incorporating the surroundings as sliced images.


The object merges with the space, creating an iconic appearance and starts a dynamic dialogue between space, object and observer.

More about Flip Sellin on Dezeen:



Crush and NoVolume

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  • ste

    in a world as over-designed as ours we’ll start to honour the aesthetic in ugly things

  • recon::decon

    “in a world as over-designed as ours”

    Let me guess, you would prefer the blob and whipped cream world of Zaha?

    I would be interested to see the shadow and light patterns this would create in a dark room. I’m glad to see designers finally realizing that whipped cream and blob forms only look good in the computer. Nice job.

  • townnwot

    huh? are you for realzzz? this piece is a 5minute rhino job. if you know, you would know.

    ‘I’m glad to see designers finally realizing….’ if you think this is fresh then you are seriously seriously out of touch.

  • headplow

    Actually I find this light visually interesting. Of course we’re all critics aren’t we? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder children.

  • so….from the arguements above about computer driven aesthetics, we see that today designers can have either:

    a. Blobby Zaha whipped cream
    b. Facetted polygon shapes

    Can I please suggest that these are incredibly limited (and Hackneyed) design styles? I find both incredibly ugly and rather boring.

    People have made things by hand since stone age times that do not fit these two styles. It is only (unneccessary) creative subservience to technology that produces these type of designs.

    There are an infinite number of other ways to make things – and yes that includes mass produced things. Not everything has to be crunched by our (metaphorically) beige friends. Get down the pub boys. Or the museum.

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