Camper store Tokyo by Jaime Hayón



Shoe brand Camper has opened a new store in Tokyo by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón.


The store, on Omotesando Dori, is the latest interior by Hayón for Camper and follows stores in Milan, Berlin, Barcelona and London.


Hayon also designed a range of shoes for the Spanish brand last year.


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  • tommi

    shoe-shi ! yum yum !

  • jet

    i just came back from tokyo and actually visited this store. It was a pleasurable experience and the design was so appealing amongst the other stores around there. Great job Mr. Hayon!

  • booh

    when Puma met the love child of Space Odyssey 2001 and the North Pole…

    Are those handles really shaped like candy canes? I think the candycane shapes, swirls, and painted red lines… are a little over the top… BUT I freekin’ love the white’s and yellows! I think that the neutral colors make the architectural forms not as overwhelming, because if there was just ONE more color in their… I would throw up.

  • O.

    Funny coincidence for the central table!

  • Guido

    A really cute store, quite decorative though clean. Too bad the shoes are not cute at all..

  • As much as I find this store design interesting I have to ask the more important question… does this design match the style and brand look of Camper? I don’t think it does. That is where I think it fails. Because as thoughtfully executed as it may be, there is no point of it at all if it does not match the outlook of the product it is meant to be selling.

  • yako yanabe

    such a nice place ..

  • jed_

    i have to agree with Alex Valich. this store seems to glamorous for the prosaic and clumpy camper product.

    i’m no fan of hayon either. but the space looks good i must admit.

  • one

    funky! It suits th style od Camper while the shop is a bit grossy… I like Amsterdam store concept better…

  • Jake

    Really badly thought out. This doesn’t match camper brand at all. If you took the shoes out of the store you wouldn’t have a clue who the retailer was. Far too chintzy

  • yako yanabe

    i think the space looks fantastic maybe a little too nice for camper , but this is a special store in collaboration with Hayon , i feel the work is just very good , ad very and hayon very productive and consistent with quality .well done .