Table B by Konstantin Grcic for
BD Barcelona Design



Designer Konstantin Grcic has designed a series of tables with extruded-aluminium tops for BD Barcelona Design.


Available in lengths up to 3.6 metres and with metal, concrete or wooden legs, the table is the first piece in a collection called Extrusion designed by Grcic for the Spanish brand.


It was launched at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan earlier this year. See all Dezeen’s Milan 2009 coverage in our special category.


Here is some text from Konstantin Grcic.


Konstantin Grcic opens the Extrusions collection which he has designed for Bd Barcelona design with this table, baptised as Table B.


Its name is as simple and technical as the design itself.


Grcic has been inspired by classic BD pieces, such as the Hypóstila shelf unit (in production since 1979), in developing a tabletop of extruded aluminium with a minimal profile and for lengths of up to 360 cm.


It is offered in various finishes and with three models of legs.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.


Its apparent simplicity hides a complex technical development in which senior engineers have been involved.


In counterpoint, the production also includes several manual processes.


The result is a highly crafted piece with all the character of the German designer.


Design: Konstantin Grcic
Year: 2009



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  • I love the fine tapered edge on the top, as if the table simply vaporizes at its limits rather than the traditional defined edge (I like tradition too though). What I find the most interesting about this is project is the dramatic differences that each set of legs/base creates for the table. Not sure which setup is my favorite, but I’m very sure it doesn’t matter. Nice stuff.

  • Juampi Z

    Intresting… simple and pure lines.

  • Roy

    I hope that the corners are de-sharpened. I still remember a kid running into modern art in a local library. It was pointy.

  • i definitely think the concrete base works best. I feel like the traditional legs at each end kill the effectiveness of the tops’ tapered slenderness. They pull it down too much. The centre base allows the top to feel like it is taking flight, although I kinda like how the heavyness of the concrete is trying to keep it down…. I guess it just looks more like a plane’s wings with the centre stand. The fluid brackets on concrete are great too.

  • awesome … looks like the table could fly … ;)

  • I like it but …
    put a motor and propeller on it and it could really take off !

  • Adf

    Oliver, …..real air and fly design….

  • One

    sharp, clean and could be attractive in ay business sphare, well done!

  • ID.k

    instant classic.

  • Concrete base design belongs to Magis, No! great table though, just spoke to BD to se if they intended to show it during the London Design Festival, so that we can all get a good look at it…

  • Luxury Larry

    i really like this. one little comment, not sure if i like to see the aluminium profile in section!

  • i like these materials but in a different shape