Cau Sospensione by Martí Guixé for Danese



Spanish designer Martí Guixé has designed a lamp tied up in ropes for Italian brand Danese.


A secondary bulb is tied to the shade and can be hooked onto the ropes, hung inside the shade or used as a separate task lamp.


Here's some more information from Danese:



It is an evolution of the Cau lamp presented in 2008. it is provocative and assertive. as in Cau table, the icon of the classical lamp is reinterpreted combining in a new way the functions of its components and adding new and unforeseen features.

With knots inspired by the bondage technique, the cable of the mobile work lamp ties the diffuser hanging it and creating hook points to position the lighting element. the work light can therefore be inserted inside the reflector or hung externally to modify the luminosity of the environment through unusual gesture, establishing a new relationship between the user and the light.


the body of the lamp is divided into two parts: one holds the torch as in the desk version, the other one hosts a second source which is fixed and opens with a round aperture on the upper and lower sides to ensure a direct and indirect illumination.

Both sources are fluorescent, class a (low energy consumption). it is possible to handle them separately. they complement each other. one shoots the beam upward and downward with an optical device that concentrates direct light emission to obtain a good quality illumination in the area right below and widens the indirect emission to ensure the illumination all around.


the desk lamp is tied to the hanging chassis but it has a wide action span. it can be hung in different places and it is independent thanks to a switch separate from the other source. given its deft combination of performance and luminous characteristics which have been traditionally separated, Cau is absolutely an innovative product.

Structure painted, turned aluminium in white, brown
Dimensions: D44xH30cm

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  • plankton

    Don’t know what to say… like and don’t like it.
    Why 2 light sources… I will prefer it just with the torch light inside.
    But it’s a personal non objective opinion.

  • B

    I wonder how far this crafty punky DIY toolshed design will go when it comes to big producers. It started of as a rebellious act and manifesto against mass production.( I know there is more to it, but saying it blunt like this might just be more clear ) .but if these things are being mass produced (and maybe this one is not so bad) the comment is rather lost no?
    And I suspect there is a lot more to come like this…hand crafted punky DIY stuff being mass produced..just seems as wrong to me as pre worn and pre ripped new designer yeans.. (and I know this is not that wrong for a lot of you,..but to me it is 2 ideas clashing..interesting,..but risky)


  • Two lamps inside this shade just do not make any sense. I love Marti, and know him and his work. Without really knowing the story of this light, this is probably how it went:
    1. Marti proposed a construction light inside a standard shade (a nice and clear idea).
    2. Then the manufacturer busted his balls, going back and forth, until Marti agreed to this more complicated and convoluted version.
    3. Now everyone will blame HIM for a compromised design.
    The story is all too familiar. Stick to your guns, Marti, and do not go to Danese.

  • Where did the rebel Guixe go? This is ‘just another lamp’

  • 3T

    I like this lamp but hasn’t it already been around for over a year! I think it was launched in Milan 08.

  • like B’s comment about the pre-ripped jeans.
    what is the point? its like buying already sliced and cubed onions. If you like this way of thinking you will make your own lamp at home out of whatever… and i hope people do!
    nicely wrapped cable – why doesnt it hold the shade?
    what if you untangle those knots and do your own wrapping – did you fuck up the design? somehow some steps are missing here. e.g. grcic’s mayday lamp came up with a cable solution for that.

  • angry catalan

    Catalan designers used to be good. What’s up with this? It’s trendy, sure. Not much more.

  • bodkin

    Why would you want a spare light hanging off your ceiling light? I really don’t understand the point of this. Call my tailor! The Emperor needs new clothes

  • mil

    The exdesigner is designer again ?

  • marcel farhood

    comment is sorry dejas vu