ZE by Renault


French automobile brand Renault are showing a range of electric concept cars at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (Frankfurt Motor Show) in Germany this week.

Top image: Twizy ZE. Above: Kangoo ZE.

Called Renault ZE, the range is composed of a city car, hatchback, saloon and van.

Above: Zoe ZE.

The cars are designed to recharge in three minutes.

Above: Fluence ZE.

Renault envisage that spare batteries will be kept in the home or in workplaces, and that garages will adopt drop-off points for recycling batteries.

Renault plan to launch the range commercially from 2011.

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Here's some more information from Renault:


Renault to launch electric vehicles in 2011

For Renault, the electric vehicle is the real long-term solution to today’s environmental and noise pollution issues. Technological innovations now make it possible to mass market an electric vehicle at reasonable cost.

In addition, changes in vehicle use make electric cars ideal for the majority of trips, with 80% of Europeans currently driving less than 60 km a day.

Renault will bring its customers a complete range of electric vehicles by as early as 2011. Their design will be largely inspired by the concept cars revealed at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show: Kangoo Z.E. Concept announces a light commercial vehicle, especially designed for professionals, that will be available for the 1st semester of 2011.

Fluence Z.E. Concept prefigures an electric version of a family car, that will be launched first in Israel (1st semester 2011) and then in other countries. By mid 2012, a full-electric city car (close to Zoe Z.E. Concept) measuring less than four meters long and with five seats, ideal for commuting. Also in 2nd-half of 2012, a new type of urban vehicle close to Twizy Z.E. Concept (a passenger can seat behind the driver).

The new car for everyday use

For Renault and its customers, electric cars have to be practical, attractive and reassuring: Electric vehicles will retail at the same price as equivalent diesel models (without the battery, which is rented); Running costs are roughly 20% lower than an equivalent combustion vehicle since electricity costs much less than petrol (around €1 per 100 km);

Maintenance costs are half those of an equivalent combustion vehicle because electric motors require less servicing; Electric motors are the equal of gasoline and diesel cars in terms of performance. Regarding acceleration, for example, an electric motor delivers all of its power as soon as it pulls away; Electric cars are easily recharged at home, at special terminals in parking lot areas and at “quick drop” rapid exchange stations.

Above and below images: Twizy ZE

Electric vehicles are in phase with current public issues. They are silent and, because they emit no CO2, NOx or particulate matter, they also respect the environment.

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  • memo

    avante garde

  • looks a little sci fi….I’ll have to see it to believe that it’ll be released in 2011

  • m

    imagine how with electric driving the sound and smell of the world would change beyond recognition

    right now cars are pretty much the most dominant sound all day everywhere

  • nico

    m ..couldn’t agree you more, if only this could be reality in ..two years ?

  • Alexander

    Great design, I am driving Renault right now and I’ll be glad to buy one of these after some time

  • I’m sooo fed up with car designers… and there silly concepts that look like bloody videogame characters. Get on and MAKE some really efficiant cars… expanding the idea of ownership and investing in BULIDING sustainable energy grids…

  • davvid


  • Beheld

    Seems all the big ones will launch some radical stuff soon.

    Green religion – how else would you make people buy more stuff that they don’t need. Consumers are ready for a change, great times ahead for designers.

  • krimane

    these aren’t cars, they are accessories fools.

  • djvd

    Really like the ‘play’ and ‘stop’ icons at the pedals..

  • bodkin

    fuel cells are the future, not electric cars that require recharging from an electric grid powered by fossil fuels and suffering massive losses in transmission from power station to plug. only when we have a hydrogen powered energy system will we be truly co2 free, these are just nonsense marketing toys to show how much renault ‘care’ about our environment

  • Esteban

    Hydrogen powered energy system? I’ve seen many concepts for how this would work. But most leave out:
    – transport of hydrogen in pipelines
    – transport of hydrogen via freighter ship or train

    And most importantly… where does all that hydrogen come from? Will we farm it from one of the gas giants of our solar system? Will we crack the H2 out of H2O? If so, what will power that process? Nuclear power plants?

    The basic problem is that we need to drive LESS not develop more efficient vehicles so we can drive MORE. Mass transit is the answer, not vehicles that belong in a video game or a James Cameron movie.

  • They look like so fictional for me. When are they going to release these? I think it will be more appropriate if all of this are hydrogen powered. It will fit into the futuristic approach more. ehehe

  • Sasot

    Nice cars, although there is a mistake regarding the pictures; below the picture of Zoe ZE it says "Above: Kangoo ZE", below the picture of Fluence ZE it says "Above: Zoe ZE" and below the picture of Kangoo ZE it says "Above: Fluence ZE" ;)