Chimney by Benjamin Hubert for Viaduct


London Design Festival 09: London designer Benjamin Hubert has created a collection of clay pendant lamps for British design brand Viaduct.

Called Chimney, the lamps are hand-thrown and kiln-fired, made of clay from the region in Wales where they are produced.

The inside of each shade is glazed in white.

More about Benjamin Hubert on Dezeen:

Material Centric
Cast Desk Tidy

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Here's some more information from Hubert:


Chimney is a collection of hand thrown, kiln fired clay pendant lamps.

They are produced in a pottery studio in Wales and utilise the natural clay of the region.

Using traditional hand thrown techniques each lamp has its own unique character with a textured exterior finish in contrast to a gloss white glazed interior.

Chimney Lights are designed by Benjamin Hubert Studio and manufactured by Viaduct.

The multi award winning Benjamin Hubert Studio was established in 2007 and works with a range of international design brands to develop products that have an inherent timeless quality and user benefit.

The studio works across furniture, lighting and product sectors with a functionally led, austere aesthetic.

Benjamin employs a material and process driven design approach and has explored various innovative material/production techniques.

Chimney Specification

Large h 280mm Ø 320mm
Small h 330mm Ø 210mm

Chimney by Benjamin Hubert for Viaduct 1

Hand thrown, kiln fired clay in natural burnt orange finish with a gloss white glazed interior.

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  • Rachna

    These lamps have been used in eastern countries like India and Malaysia since ever as I know..

  • Lovely production photos. Very clean and simple, great work!

  • Carnivore

    I would buy these. That’s the point isnt it?

  • victor v.

    subtle perfection

  • Why didn’t it made different color?

  • it’s simply, natural, organic…Lovely!

  • ””Carnivore Says:

    September 19th, 2009 at 9:59 pm
    I would buy these. That’s the point isnt it?”’

    You know – that’s probably the best comment that’s ever been made on this website. If you’re aim is to change the world, get into politics, if you’re aim is to make prodcucts that sell – then make products that people want to buy.

  • designgurunyc

    simple elegant earthy

  • daisy

    Great lights! i agree that it’s simple, natural and organic… nice that these lamps are made in such a “back to basics” way.

    Rachna, I’m from Malaysia but I’ve yet to see these lamps around. Where abouts have you seen them? Would like to actually see the real thing.

  • krimane

    what a fantastic work. simply brilliant!

  • Sue

    Where and how can I buy this one?