Lanana by Ryszard Rychlicki


Polish Design Season: Polish design student Ryszard Rychlicki has designed a shopping bag made of folded recycled paper.

Called Lanana, the bag is designed for customers to take newly-bought clothing home in.

It can be stored flat and pulled into shape with a string between the bottom corners.

Rychlicki designed the bag as part of his architecture and design degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.

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Here's more from Rychlicki:



design- Ryszard Rychlicki
Used materials: recycled paper

"Lanana" bag is designed for packing clothes.

Before use the package is flat.

Bag is rigid and unilateral bulge increases its ergonomics.


Posted on Thursday October 1st 2009 at 9:35 am by Sarah Housley. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • zynk

    Absolutely brilliant!!!congratulations for this marvelous design

  • Derek

    smart, green, fashionable, much cooler than plastic bag.

  • dalstonrosi

    Simple and beautiful. Doubt it would survive a downpour though …

  • Fantastic and Exquisite

    Available anywhere

  • WillM

    i like the concept in principle but am undecided asto whether the final aesthetic agrees with my sensibilities. nonetheless it is clever and i appreciate its cleverness.

  • kaptnk

    How do you put stuff in it?
    It looks pretty, but it’s completely impractical.
    Lack of waterproofness is a major issue too. Absolutely bonkers.
    Paper bags work far better and use less resources.

  • Badthony

    it looks really eco friendly….but im concern that it’s not gonna hold anything, besides it will screw that shape

  • clara

    Where you can buy it? Thanks.