School #1 by Alex Mikhaylov


Designer Alex Mikhaylov has completed the brand identity and interior for a language school in Moscow, Russia.

In place of the usual alphabets and visual aids, quotes from cartoon character 12 oz. Mouse, rapper LL Cool J, singer Ozzy Osbourne and boxer Mohammed Ali have been applied to the walls.

Called School #1, the project features an office space illuminated in shades of purple from beneath the glass desk.

Here's some text from Mikhaylov:


SCHOOL #1 is an English language school located in Moscow, Russia.

The school is situated on the attic floor of an old building (the beginning of the 20th century) and it was decided to decorate the office in an unusual way.

Thus, instead of the English alphabet, transcriptions and other common visual aids that you can meet in most of language schools, at SCHOOL #1 you come across the quotes of Ozzy Osbourne, Mohammed Ali and 12 Oz mouse on the walls.

In the office area the tables are illuminated from beneath by neon lamps.

The tutorials take place in classrooms with brick walls, windows in the ceiling and glass on the easel instead of a flip chart.

The corporate identity and the interior were designed by Alex Mikhaylov the creator of Eurovision 2009 identity.

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  • nice colorful interiors and consecuent id – not suitable for school though. looks rather like a mid-class disco.

  • toby

    sooopa nice brand id, reminds me a little of the proposal for UAL by eat/sleep/work/play, which was an excellent example of a flexible ID (since watered down for the commercial application by external agencies)

    not too sure about the ikea tables though…

  • ami

    mmm ! i like it !

  • Ah I love this. I love when design is applied to something as simple as a placement test. The branding is great. I love it like I love Melbourne’s new branding. I would buy one of those tees too. Interior is really fun too. Great work.

  • Nice and colourfull but no sense. What does the sign mean? Just tasty not reflected and communicating.

  • aeolus

    From what they had to work with, an attic in an early 20th century building, the jazzy design goes a long way to creating an atmosphere of intensity to stimulate the learning impulse.