E.L.A by Bozhinovskidesign


Bulgarian studio Bozhinovskidesign have created a cantilevered desk suspended from the wall by steel cables.

Called E.L.A, the desk is made of fibreglass.

Cables for a computer can be passed through apertures in the end and sides, and a flap in the underside provides storage.

"The idea was that the desk flies on the air," says designer Jovo Bozhinovski. "So we decided to build only two legs, and attached it with steel ropes from the wall."

The table was designed for fibreglass specialists Elzadesign.

Posted on Sunday November 29th 2009 at 3:35 am by Ruth Hynes. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Jen

    “Bulgarian studio Bozhinovskidesign have created a cantilevered desk”…

    Seriously? I would rather say they have a couple of renderings of an impractical idea. I love how this is now promoted as something that has actually been created!

  • wow … this desk is clean, cold and looks like is comes from a spaceship – brilliant!

  • j

    though i’ve seen more functional desks, it LOOKS great. which of course in this context is the main thing. however, the lamp in the 3rd photo… now that’s something interesting.

    btw the renderings would be more realistic without those stupid reflections.

  • I really like it.Nice job.Getting in better shape is very smart decision – something one keeps forgetting about until its too late.

  • shreyank

    awesome…. wasted a few inches near the wall.. but looks a ‘killer’ stuff…


    It looks like the wall is giving it to the desk from behind. Perhaps their is a deliberate sexual metaphor.

  • modular

    I’m sorry Dezeen but this is dumb. Why post renderings here? This way most design studios in the world could send you thousands of pictures (renderings, sketches) for you to post.

    I really believe that you should only feature here products/buildings/whatever that really exist. Not renderings.

    Just my opinion….

    Regarding the desk, it’s just too unpractical, and a bit ugly.

  • Marcus Des

    Using it and watching your laptop slowly bouncing to the edge should be a barrel of laughs!

  • R

    I have been thinking of making a cantilevered desk as well, but did not think of this method of providing for the structure. A very interesting approach imo. Though I normally get a bit itchy when people start talking about dynamic objects, in this case – though they don’t mention it themselves – you can almost literally feel the tension in the design. When empty it resembles a pitbull that tries to attack, but being hold back by cables. With objects on it the tension of the object tipping over becomes even more apparent. Hope to see it into production.

  • DJ

    nice to look at, but totally stupid!

  • Looks like a ski jumper about to become airborne.

  • kaptnk

    very pretty.

    I’d be terrified of it falling off the wall all the time though. and it’d be alot uglier once you’ve piled books and paper on it then shoved a steel set of drawers designed by a neaderthal in the 70’s under it.

    But hey-ho. so is reality.
    I like the spaceship aesthetic.

  • harry

    I agree with Modular. In this case I would like to see at least a prototype before publishing and judging. Anyone can come up with some glossy renderings….

  • Ok my 2 cents.. I reckon yes dezeen needs to be careful with posting purely prototyped or renders – afterall anyone can easily say ‘i made that in my head years ago’, but i think if the quality is good and its a nice piece i think it can merit it. Afterall you’d be amazed how much technology literature uses renders because the finished product hasnt even come off the production line yet…

    Secondly, regarding the practicality of cantilevered desks. I’m in a wheelchair so a cantilevered desk is at least a trillion times more practical than a stupid one with legs that limit my ability to get near it. Nuff said really.

  • caco

    really nice!

  • Capstick

    I love the shape of the desk, but it´s very impractical. I can´t understand the reflection over the concrete in this renderings. Photoshop disasters nominee?

  • aut

    it wouldn´t work like that.
    the legs have to push against the wall to make it stable. (at least unless the legs aren´t screwed into the floor – which, of course, would be ridiculous)

    if you put some weight on it, it would slip back that inch, the whole surface would be off-peak, your hip designer-mouse would whiz downwards and shatter on the fresh polished concrete floor.

  • Looks good, but there is no restraint in the upword direction. I tend to pull my chair forward by holding the table.

  • nasowas

    i’m totally with modular + harry.

    this is a one-off quickie rendering, not a design. if its fiberglass it’ll really be interesting they want to make it stable even under load, how the joints, edges etc look like. formally it looks more like a folded metal table.

    not speaking of the constructional unsolved bits here (e.g. feet not pushing against wall)

    i’d love to see the user of this table crouch under his desk to get a pen out of the stupid ‘flap’ (shouldn’t this at least open toward the user instead of the side?).

    naa.. dezeen. you really shouldn’t have posted these crappy renders..

  • @ modular
    There are lot of rendering in design blogs….so commentators can kill a project before the product and reduce pollution.

    “cantilevered desk suspended from the wall by steel cables.”
    There are a lot of cantilever desks in the design market and cantilever chairs derivated from a typology of chair with no back legs since Mart Stam in 1926… Even a suspended furniture as a bridge beween architecture and furniture is not new …as lot of interior designers did that…

  • Table design N-7 by Norayr Khachatryan for Casamania is brillant … it’s much more innovative….

  • cpcp

    I agree with j:
    the light looks more interesting.

    I also agree with modular and harry and nasowas:
    at the risk of sounding like a design snob… its so easy to draw something like this and say ‘its made out of fibreglass’ have they looked at what is required to make this out of fibreglass? have they done any detailed designwork? If they are doing this for a fibrglass specialist then wheres the prototype!?!?!?!
    Somehow I expect this ‘concept’ will always remain a rendering

    the desk isn’t exactly groundbreaking
    but it could pull your plasterboard wall in :)

  • Ma

    wow amazing huge dark office! where could i find such a place for my product shots!
    how come no one else works there?

  • Wadi

    Am I on yanko design or what?!
    Dezeen, you can better.
    Please keep your quality!

  • Martin

    nice shape..

  • I had a lot of discussion with some design blogs about concept and product selection . In design, there is a validation sytem but nowadays, it’s too long
    process for our mutant design generation . Some young designers wants to be asap on internet or in tv reality show as BBC 2….Starck said there is atomisation of design…so the stars designers will be always the stars…

    The ‘n-7’ table by norayr khachatryan was an entry in premio vico magistretti design competition co organised with depadova.
    ‘n-7’ is now produced by leadind italian company casamania

  • dcbcn

    The wall light is D7 by Luceplan and dates from 1980, believe it or not: http://www.luceplan.com/Prodotti/1/2/142/t/87/D7

  • modular

    Sorry Prof. Z, but I keep what I’ve said. This shouldn’t be feature here:

    – it doesn’t exist
    – these are only renders. Not only a single prototype
    – I considered Dezeen a ‘premium’ design blog, so I believe this kind of posts should not come here, but should go to sites like Yanko or Designboom

  • Shanglo_Sha

    whatever the case may be, it has certainly garnered quite a bit of comments!

    Issues of practicality aside, I think it looks slick and w/ enough effort, could probably be pulled off w/ some tweaks to the design (legs springing off 45 deg from wall, cables angled away from one another, etc.)

  • ZNO

    uplift?? .. this thing is gunna bounce!

  • sg


  • tryptophan

    That thing loaded with books and a modest monitor would probably bend light gage steel studs. Forget about someone accidentally sitting on the end of it.

    Installation would require stripping and reinforcing the wall, doubling studs, laminating studs with sheet something (steel or ply then skim out to match).

    Though, I guess some desks do require a contractor.

  • M Lawand

    i like the finishes

  • sunilboy2020

    looks futuristic, but would love to see it in glass thou..but im assuming the cantilever table will be not stable and wobbly..