Light Movement by Noam Bar Yohai


Israeli designer Noam Bar Yohai has created a series of task lamps made of wooden components held together with elastic bands.

Called Light Movement, the lamps were made as part of Yohai's graduation project at The Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.

The six products consist of wood, elastic bands and heat-shrinking tubing, with metal components to weight them.

They do not need any glue or screws for assembly.

Here's some more information from Noam Bar Yohai:


This project experiments with hard and flexible materials while questioning the relation and borders between a model and a finished product.

A total of six Table lamps were created, all using l.e.d light and bulbs.

In each one, the woods flexibility is used to gain adjustability and structural change.

Silicon bands add reliability to the structure and at certain places act as a muscle which contracts the hard character of the wood.

Heat- shrink tubing used in electronics, was used in places where friction was needed and adding a touch of extra color thus expending its original use.

Throughout the design process exposed mechanisms and simplicity were used as guidelines.

No glue or screws are needed in the assembly of the lamps.

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  • suffin

    A bit to crude for my taste. Nice starting point but I wish he would have taken it a bit further and ‘played’ a bit more with the subject…

  • Raz

    I like it!
    very honest, simple and quite sustainable!

  • lior

    Look very clever. I also liked the fact the joints and balance weights are at the form.
    I would suggest some type of aesthetic cover to some of the wood edges – just as a safety measure

  • we can compare this with spanish emotion lab (seee in Dezeen), some woods lights by Moooi in NL or by Alonso (Okay studio)in UK

  • lior

    to Prof. Z. : and your point is?

  • nits

    the project looks very very sophisticated and clean.
    its give me a desire to play with it.
    all the details seems like someone realy took care of them…
    looking for more of your stuff!

  • it’s like a wood game, a balistic game to lauch new lamps in blog ? May be a kit of slow design ….

  • amsam

    cute cute

  • mikaël

    lior, you should know pz is just a pretentious blogger who gets high on name dropping. his posts are always pointless, always.

  • Twitteresque

    nice try!

  • Gianluca

    Nice try. Still I don’t understand what is exactly: a design experiment? art? surely it’s not going to be a product.

  • Je ne suis pas un bloggeur , je ne suis pas un commentateur mais un contributeur. Je suis un amateur d’art et de design. Si le design est inutile, comme dit Starck, ma contribution peut être utile à démontrer le contraire ou elle est alors inutile puisque le design serait selon lui inutile. Ou alors c’est de l’art, de la créativité…Alors je sors de l’impasse comme Ron Arad par “No discipline” car je suis indiscipliné. Finalement, plus j’y pense plus je suis amateur de créativité…et comme dit Row sans pretention “I like it!very honest, simple and quite sustainable!”…

  • translate bY google
    I am not a blogger, I’m not a commentator but a web 2.0 contributor. I am a lover of art and design, an “amateur”(VS consumer). If the design is useless, as Starck said, my contribution may be useful to prove the contrary or when it is unnecessary because the design is according to him unnecessary. Or it is art, creativity … So I go out of the impasse (dead end?) as Ron Arad by “no discipline” because I am undisciplined.”Design is between every day uses and revolution ” ( Paola Antonelli)
    Finally, the more I think I am more an “amateur ” or creativity.. and as said Row without pretention “I like it! Very honest, simple and quite sustainable!” …

  • lior

    Prof Z, No one criticizing you on saying your opinions, if it is good or bad. The point is that you make no constructive comment but just offending the artists or annoying the reader…
    I counted 2 already!!!
    Every work will be similar in one way to another to a previous one and the point is how we make a progress from the last product and creating a complete new one….
    If you are trying to show us how knowledgeable you are on quoting other designers…why do you show us how you put it in to practice.

  • xtiaan

    Im with lior, nothing makes this site less entertaining then a comments section packed with z’s nonsense

  • xtiaan

    I like these lamps alot, more resolved than that earlier post that had the ones from aluminum scraps.

  • alon

    has a lot of Kauman influence in the background but is still a little contrived, too uptight. needs to let loose a little.

  • dori

    Don’t elastic bands deteriorate?