Puppets by Furry Puppet Studio


Apropos nothing... here's a range of puppets designed by Furry Puppet Studio of New York.

The puppets include features such as moving eyes and squirting snouts.

Photos are by Kfir Ziv.

Here's some more information from Furry Puppet:


These puppets, by the Brooklyn-based Furry Puppet Studio, have more personality than most people you know!

That's because of Furry Puppet's bottom line: originality.

The studio prides itself on avoiding generic patterns, stock parts or molds - all of which have fueled the recent commercialization of the industry.

According to Furry Puppet, the art of making puppets is a sacred thing, and that means putting care and creativity into each and every character.
No strings attached!

Posted on Tuesday December 15th 2009 at 10:18 am by Natasha Lyons. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • such a great expression of humor sense & remarkable childhood

  • modular

    bahah! uber cool!

  • DT

    number 7 looks like zaha hadid..

  • I think sesame street pretty much already set the standards way before these guys… love the puppets (& their personalities) hate the lack of innovation in features, materials, etc.

  • Ann

    Very impressive.
    Definitely not your average muppet style puppet. Maybe they will bring back the fame to the puppetry world.

  • xtiaan


  • eberson brasil

    gostaria de reseber mayterial via web fotos de personagens de vcs acho maravilhoso adoro bonecos sou do brasil e não tenho material tecido pelúcia aqui
    onde posso comprar fqual endereço , fone, website dsa fabrica que produz estes tecidos destes bonecos .
    o mesmo tecido do kermit green, e tamtos outros bonecos por favor ajude-me mande informação
    humildemente brasil

  • Celia

    Hi !

    It´s wonderfull yours puppes!! I´m falling love for it!
    I work with puppets like volunteer in hospital, church and school teaching about God, nature, sustaintable education, human rights…
    So, I want buy some puppets. What can I do? Which your number phone?Which contact?Pleaaseeeeeeee….contact me!!!

  • tiger