Hotel Taj Mahal by Constantin
and Laurene Leon Boym


New York designers Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym have created a souvenir to commemorate last month's first anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Hotel Taj Mahal in Mumbai.

The piece forms part of the designers' expanding Buildings of Disaster series (see our previous story) and joins recent additions to the series including The Golden Mosque (above) and UT Tower and Townhouse (below).

More about Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym on Dezeen:

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Here's some more information from the designers:


Our collection of Buildings of Disaster continues with a new edition, Hotel Taj Mahal, to commemorate the first anniversary of the terrorist attack in Mumbai on November 26, 2008.

Over ten years ago, we made our first buildings for the catalogue Souvenirs for the End of the Century. Produced in a limited edition of 500, many monuments are no longer available. Every piece is individually cast of specially formulated bonded metal, hand-finished, and consecutively numbered. The new building is 4.5” long. To order yours, please visit our online store at

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  • Ma

    mourner tourism. You’ve made a tragic event into a material commodity. Well good luck with sales.

  • Perfect for throwing at the face of prime ministers, heads of state etc. Nice ‘n’ heavy.

  • Lucap

    yup…funny to see this up on dz today!

  • Reminds of me of the film “The Science of Sleep”–where Gael Garcia Bernal’s character has (unchecked) dreams of creating a calendar commemorating famous disasters. It was funny in the movie–because it was a movie. This is questionable…

  • Paco

    New gun to Berlusconi face!!!

  • LuisG

    we’re commemorating terrorist attacks now? don’t people die in those?

  • Davide

    send one to Silvio!