°XXXLamp by Bart Lens



Belgian designer Bart Lens has designed a ceiling lamp for eden design which, at four metres wide, they claim is the largest lamp in production.


The °XXXLamp measures 4m x 160m and is inspired by a Chinese lantern.


Here's some info from eden design:



Perhaps symptomatic of an architect’s mindset, the lamps and objects are becoming increasingly ‘space defining’. The XXL-amp is essentially a flattened dome, inspired by the shape of a Chinese lantern. The twelve-segment construction makes the connection with the lantern, but a pumpkin is perhaps the first association that comes to mind, while the suspension system recalls an upside-down hot-air balloon.


If the ceiling is high, but not overly high, then the lamp can be hung at about 1.30m. As befits any impressive space, you’ll want to enter with a slight bow. Once seated at the dining or conference table, you’ll still retain a sense of the surroundings beyond the boundary. Hanging a half or a quarter XXL in a mirrored room creates an impression of spacious rooms full of giant lanterns.



3x White lamp (option: 0-10V dimmable/ DALI controllable)
Option: RGB  powerled, with remote controller (option: DMX controllable)
Dimensions: 400cm diam x 160cm Height

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  • Ma

    I guess they call themselves Eden design because they assume only two people exist on this Earth. 80% of the world would be lucky enough to have a house that big.
    Maybe we could re-appropriate these lampshades to be refugee huts?

  • w

    @Ma, domestic lighting is only a small proportion of the lighting market. I’m pretty sure these aren’t intended for putting in your house.

  • w

    would be nice to see a picture of the interior of the shade – where are the lamps i wonder?

  • Send it to Dubai!

  • Guillaume

    This is at least a year old, but ok , whatever.

  • rude

    wow, 4 m x 160 m :-s

  • Dude

    Congratulations to the designers (parents) of the model. What a lovely woman. The lamp … well … nothing new under the sun.

  • Warehouse Loft

  • alex

    bigger = better?

  • Khatam

    George, I laughed at your comment. A lot.

  • As an object, the oversize-ness could have an interesting effect in a space. Foto with more surrounding and foto of inside the shade, please.

  • LikeHer

    Well, at least the girl is cute… They put her in so that at least someone opens the story…

  • grape

    Can we see a close up of the girl she is A-mazing!

  • fashion snob

    Is that an Ed Hardy tshirt she’s wearing? With that sort of styling, the lamp is fit to have a subway meal underneath it.

  • kaptnk

    I agree with George. He made me lol.

  • Christopher

    Does no ones else think of a jelly-fish when they see this light-space?

    I mean, okay chinese-lamp, we can all see a slight reference to it. But the scale of the object, in my opinion makes it feel almost like a breathing creature.

  • Laar

    a pretty girl in the photos…