Lamp Love by Klára Šumová


Czech designer Klára Šumová has designed a wooden lamp where the turned base emerges from a raw tree branch.

Called Lamp Love, the piece features a paper shade embossed with a pattern resembling wood grain.

The lamps are on display at Mint in London.

Above photos are by Petr Karšulín.

Above photo is by Michal Šeba.

Here's a little explanation from Klára Šumová:


Lamp “Love” A material interpretation

The lamp embodies a process of evolution, detailing the story from a raw material into a mechanically cultivated one. The central idea is to introduce the material—wood—in its different stages of work progress, from the undressed piece into its manufactured parts. The Lamp begins with an untouched base, which is lathed into a baroque curve from which the machine cut stock extends, then concludes in a simple light fixture. The concept continues with the addition of the paper lampshade, with a subtle wood grain texture hinting to the authentic wood from which it came. The work process of the lamp ultimately returns both metaphorically and physically back to its beginning.

The shape of the lamp is designed with traditional proportions in mind, and invites the viewer to perhaps reflect upon the traditions behind this typical and well-established form.

It is produced in three types, proportionally differing between them, and fashioned in Pine, Ash or Larch wood. This lamp can be found on display at the Mint shop, North Terrace 2, London, where pricing inquiries may be made.

Final forms are ultimately influenced by the diameter of the trunk, and so vary slightly in size.

Common sizes are:

Small—65cm high, 32cm lampshade diameter
Medium—120 cm high, 45cm lampshade diameter
Large—170 cm high, 60cm lampshade diameter

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  • Erik

    Great photo’s in it’s natural habitat!

  • I wish I thought if that! Very very nice!

  • WF

    An elegant lamp. Good.

  • Matthias

    To the photographer: The lamp is not actually lit in any (?) of these photos (look at the shadows @ base) maybe except for the 2nd photo, any particular reason you want to advertise a lamp in that way?

  • Stan the man

    thats is a fine piece of design! definitely liked the whole….raw material-mechanically cultived thing…

  • love it! i love the photos, i love the design!

  • yess! great idea, well done! Wish you good luck in d3 design talents.

  • great lamp, no doubt about it. all options made out of soft wood which is light – weight. wont it be unstable and fragile??? Especially at the narrow part of the lamp?

  • xtiaan

    What rolls down stairs
    alone or in pairs,
    and over your neighbor’s dog?
    What’s great for a snack,
    And fits on your back?
    It’s log, log, log

    It’s log, it’s log,
    It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood.
    It’s log, it’s log, it’s better than bad, it’s good.”