Cashmere blanket by Damien Hirst



Artist Damien Hirst has designed a cashmere blanket decorated with religious symbols.


Created for Other Criteria, a publishing company part-owned by Hirst, the blanket is made in Scotland using traditional techniques.


The symbols on the blanket come from Hirst's New Religion series of artworks.


Here's some info from Other Criteria:


Featuring icons from Damien Hirst’s New Religion series and large enough for a double bed, Other Criteria’s luxury blankets are 100% cashmere, made in Scotland on a Jacquard loom and finished by hand. Each has a purled fringe and 2 New Religion labels.

Using techniques similar to those used 150 years ago, fabric and colour are built up in layers and given clarity and depth by the use of soft, pure Scottish water and cloth woven from the finest of of fibres. Part of the finishing process involves air-drying and paper-pressing the blankets to ensure a lustrous surface.

1470 x 1830 mm
100% cashmere with purled fringe
Made on Jacquard Loom and
finished by hand
Two labels (New Religion)
Unlimited edition
Exclusive to Other Criteria , available from

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  • Lord D

    I don’t understand it…. is this genuinely religious, is it supposed to be a sarcastic statement, or is it just some nice fabric with some nice symbolds on it?

    Or am I missing it completely?

  • kaptnk

    @ Lord D
    Agreed. This doesn’t really mean anything to me. I would wear it, I would want to. And I can see no reason why you would unless you’re a priest or vicar?

  • more merchandise from Hirst, its a long time since we considered him an artist

  • Boo

    Good grief, what a waste of a lovely material!

  • EricK

    I take it as a commentary on religion giving comfort and allowing one to sleep at night.

  • oooh…. history will forget this. Should have stuck with the shark… or the nazi scenes from hell … was that him? Or someone like him… what did Hirst do again? Well, I guess even Picasso had some off days.

  • nix

    don’t get it either

  • Mark

    Almost £1000! Kind of want one, despite its inexplicability.

  • DCV

    I think he’s soooo over rated

  • rdeamer


  • beboptasticus smartisticus

    he’s just takin the piss out of us for a change. this is pony. anyone who buys one is mental

  • cantical

    people just jump on the bandwagon of slagging hirst off. funny how the people who hype artists are also the ones that cut them down once they get exposure.
    this guys life is an artform.

  • tiffany

    merchandise it it.
    To promote the brand Hirst

  • Maxence

    For people who wear big black rayban…The arty kit

  • KDV

    to asdfghjkl:
    you probably mean Chapman brothers
    no, they’r not like Hirst, but much more interesting
    at least because of the absence of blankets in their portfolio ))

  • Lord D

    @ cantical
    I don’t think anyone is slagging him off. re-read the posts and most peoples comments are along the lines of “I don’t understand it”

    Mabye Hirst’ is expressing something in this piece thats above the intelligence of everyone else? (or….. maybe not!)

  • Joaquin

    Hey, it’s art folks. That is why artists like Hirst and Jasper John sold a shark and a flag for over millions dollars. It has no meaning. That is why architects like us earn equally only with hundred times an effort to design a building with “meaning” and logical concepts.

  • pbags

    The kerning of his name on the label is awful. (DA MIE N HIR ST – you could park a truck between those characters – very sloppy.

  • yo!

    Hirst is a joker!