Corona globes by Nendo


Japanese designers Nendo have designed a set of globes depicting white oceans and black land masses.

Called Corona, the globes have been simplified by reducing the amount of information on the surface.

Each globe is suspended in a white powder-coated steel ring and stand.

The globes come in diameters of 26 or 15 centimeters, and the floor model stands at 110 centimeters tall.

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Below is some information from the designers:


Globes “Corona” for Watanabe Kyogu

Watanabe Kyogu makes high-spec, hand-applied globes at their educational products firm in Soka, Saitama Prefecture outside of Tokyo. We wanted to take full advantage of Watanabe Kyogu’s high level of craftsmanship.

We were also interested in creating a new kind of globe that would be more emotional, rather than simply presenting information. By reducing the amount of information, and rendering the oceans in white and landmasses in black, the corona globe highlights the reliefs of islands and coastlines. A globe’s stand should complement the globe, so we created a gentle curve that recedes rather than standing out, and powder-coated the steel for a fresh, gentle finish that blends with the globe’s lustrous surface.

To fit a variety of interiors, we created three sizes: a standard 26 cm diameter version, a floor model that stands 110 cm tall, and a smaller version with a 15 cm diameter.

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  • christian

    Looks nice … but seems more sensless rather than emotional to reduce the information

  • Laurent

    Looking nice. I find the “simplification” very embarrassing when it comes to reducing Africa to an empty continent while Europe gets the full treatment. Exactly like the maps from the colonial time: “Africa is an empty continent that needs European infrastructure and civilization.”
    In 2010? Ouch!

  • That is a cool redesign of the world. No frontiers, no politics. Great.

  • modular

    Why is this featured? Sorry….. but there are loads of globes exactly like this already for sale in shops.

    The explanation is pure mumbo-jumbo.

  • Maxence

    Here we have a special Thing. They want less is more, an adolf loos direction, but they cut information, not decoration, and in the end, without information we have a decorative planet.

  • jyotaro

    um…. the whole of africa seems empty. information sacrificed for the benefit of your interior. ya no~ lame

  • kaptnk

    it’s a bit useless. not much help geographically.

  • Andy

    I like maps. I like the reduction of info as maps are often cluttered, i also like the colours as it makes it easy to read, although perhaps a bit sterile. the stand is nicely done. Shame i already have a map.

  • very emotional and quite engaging… no frontiers it’s kind of an utopia, no islands it’s kind of a reality soon to be, high level of craftsmanship it’s kind of poetic.
    nendo is indeed a great team! i’m always looking forward to seeing more and more from you all.

  • PR

    Any idea where you can buy Corona Globe?

  • CR

    Did anybody think that maybe this message is meant to represent universality? No border continents with a universal culture? This seems to me like the real parti.

  • What?!


    Hear, Hear!

  • kees

    This is beautiful decoration. Anyone who is worried about the amount of information should re-examine why they are looking at a physical globe in the 21st century for any data at all. Its a simple and effective glance at the world’s cities and forms.

  • Kathleen

    A pleasing, decorative presentation of a useful object
    which also suggests the puzzle of shifted, drifting
    land masses.

  • Gunnar Á.

    Looks good and simple, maby too simple (=less info)
    Like the floor model and the global ring

  • raul

    the rivers wold be useful

  • justin


    Exactly…Africa is not a country.

    Japanese designers designing a globe for a European market.

    I couldn’t tell from the photographs if Japan is labeled. If so, I wonder if adjacent nations are.

  • mwg

    i agree with commetns about africa be reduced to a dark empty continent,
    but i don’t think that it is about colonialism or being fro european marke,
    as a japanese mr. nendo might not even know what the hell s that big shape on the south of italy. i mean is true, that’s japan.

  • mwg

    and also, i see, sure is about universality deleting the borders, and this is intresting, but wh africa only has 3 or 4 cities and europe so many?
    agina maybe as japanese, mr. nendo only knows 3 african cities and 30 europena cities, if you think it that way it makes sense for a japanese, you can’t blame him for that

  • Juca

    What is this East Asian obsession of making “emotional” maps?

    Every cartographer, however scientific, needs to make decisions what to represent, and what to omit. Every map is a reduction.

  • khklhj

    yeah, looks cool, and i instantly wanted one. But i know i would get tired of it pretty fast.

    With that little information you could just decorate with a football instead.

  • @ Justin
    Asia is also labeled. Seems to me like continents and big cities are labeled, not countries.

  • james

    everyone is criticizing the lack of information within africa compared to europe, but i dont think thats fair because its not the countries that are labelled, its the cities and it seems that the cities that are on the map are there because they are of a significant size. europe simply has more large cities.

  • Jeff

    There are several huge areas in Africa that are sparsely populated. Looks like they labeled the major urban areas in Africa on this globe.

  • Guido

    Japanese think in stereotypes and don’t know so much about the world and as long as Amsterdam is on the map I’m satisfied.

  • scruces

    Think there is a store called 1%…Yeah here it is:

  • alessandro

    Australia and South America are almost empty, too. I’ll betcha they didn’t even put a single city in Antarctica.

  • martin

    que lindo seria que el mundo este asi de limpio ¡
    me gustaria tener uno de estos

  • HCB

    I zoomed in on the images and it seems Asia in general is only marked with capitals. However, Japan has their (apx)6 biggest cities marked.. So much for simplicity..

  • klejdi eski

    In this emotional maps, could somebody, please, explain to me why there is no Tirana (albania) between belgrade and athens ? Minimalism ?

    I am not living in a black spot here..

  • CR

    Martin, It is very unsettling to me that you would say that. Clean of what? Let’s not forget that our individuality is what wholly defines us as human. No two people are totally similar, it is this persistent individuality that created every one of our civilizations. A global, uniform culture can only come at the demise of our individual Quality.