STRAW by Osko+Deichmann
for Blå Station


Stockholm 2010: Berlin designers Osko+Deichmann are exhibiting a collection of colourful chairs made of tubular steel folded into sharp bends at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week.

Called Straw, the stackable chairs have been developed from Osko+Deichmann's prototype exhibited at last year's DMY Berlin (see our previous story), and are now in production with Swedish brand Blå Station.

More about Osko+Deichmann on Dezeen:

Pebble armchair (September 2009)
Straw at DMY Berlin 2009 (May 2009)

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Here's some more information from the designers:


The bent tubular steel has been heralded as the symbol of modernity in furniture design ever since the radical innovations designed by Mart Stam and Marcel Breuer in the 1920’s. The industrial technique completely innovated household design and matured to an undisputed iconic element of design vocabulary.

“Straw” is a homage to classic tubular steel furniture by visually and physically challenging tradition and implementing controversial detail into the canon of the design: The kinked tube. The kink, being the most immediate way to deform a tube, revolutionises the aesthetic appearance of tubular steel. Its disciplined character is contradicted; the objects seem spontaneous as if folded by hand.

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  • Jam Face

    Lovely stuff – I want one
    Reminds me of Francois Azambourg’s Mr. Bugatti stuff.
    Said chair is also rather impressive.
    Well Done!

  • ch-85

    Wow! Really nice!

  • Manuel

    Produce-sell-trash-produce-sell-trash-produce-sell-trash…. untill it’s over forever.

    Dezeen = fashion.

  • Chuck

    Manuel = pretension

    Stop hating.

  • MrCoolTeapot

    Aren’t the critical words here, “…deform a tube…”

    I thought the kink represents a weak point. Unless the kink corners are reinforced aren’t they prone to additional deformation?

    I’m not an engineer but…

  • frank lloyd wrote

    no not so fast Chuck. i agree with Manuel. this is just another chair working on a gimmick.
    the bend is not revolutionary. the kink is just another way to create a vertex but really, it is clear that this method is not an improvement as look at all the extra support beams needed for strength.
    It employs extra material and work just to make the gimmick structurally sound.
    I don’t see value in this at all. maybe for a photograph…

  • cv

    if stored and used outdoors the sharp bends will gather dirt and develope rust. This will make the bend very weak over a period of time. Isn’t that obvious?

  • Eric Stuart

    I love it so much. Ordered a set thru

  • Tom

    The chair seems to serve no purpose except maybe the childish notion of a chair actually made of a drinking straw. The mimmickry of the design is only visual and for me makes an ugly chair. I don't claim to be 'know' much of the value of established design but alot of it seems to be worthless