Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa


Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has become the latest famous name to create a plastic shoe for Brazilian brand Melissa.

Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa, a 10cm high heeled shoe made of opaque and transparent plastics, will debut in June.

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Here's some info from Jean Paul Gaultier and Melissa:


"Working with Melissa has been a coup de pied à la mode!  I've enjoyed the challenge of creating a high heeled plastic shoe with all the values of my design ethos." - JEAN PAUL GAULTIER

Melissa are pleased to announce their collaboration with Paris couturier Jean Paul Gaultier who has created an exclusive 10cm chiselled heel plastic stiletto sandal, that is 100% recyclable.

Due to the intricacy of design, which comprises both opaque and transparent plastics in varying strap widths, and a metal cigarette heel, the newest technology advances in production have had to be implemented to satisfy the demands of this model which goes on sale internationally, June 2010 with a retail price of £160.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER X MELISSA comes in: black, caramel, beige, lime and tangerine

Those now familiar with the Brazillian footwear brand's collections and collaborations, and multi-faceted design permutations which illustrate just how versatile, practical and breathable, a plastic shoe can be, welcome the comfort of wearing such a malleable material, particularly heels which make the wearer feel as though they are bouncing on air.

After working for Pierre Cardin, then Jean Patou, Jean Paul Gaultier released his first collection under his own name in 1976.  A master tailor, his suiting featured a deconstructed aesthetic, with an androgynous flavour, underpinned by his risqué collaborations, best exemplified by Madonna's conical bra for her 1990's Blond Ambition tour.  In 2004 he became Creative Director for Hermes, and he also now produces couture collections in addition to his mainline and fragrances.

Founded in 1971, Melissa is one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers, and holder of an exclusive technology for injected thermoplastic.  Other designer collaborations with Melissa include: Vivienne Westwood, Zaha Hadid, Judy Blame, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Karim Rashid, and The Campana Brothers.

“I believe plastic is only limited by a designer’s creativity” - Edson Matsuo, Creative Director, MELISSA

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  • The melding of the black and transparent material is masterful.

  • jack the ripper

    By far the best design out of Zaha , the Campana brothers etc…

  • 3D

    Very beautiful, really nice looking shoes. But i am wondering if they are posible to wear? I can see my feet sweating and in this plastic shoe. Can plastic replace leather?

  • jack the ripper

    I agree with 3D . There is something very odd about wearing plastic shoes( unless they are havaianas)

    Stella refuses to use leather ( animal business) , and somehow , with a sexy healed shoe, plastic feels wrong .

    the heel will break faster than any other material.

  • Mehyma

    Perhaps there is another, softer (and more absorbent?) material serving as the sole? Otherwise, these are almost effectively incredibly beautiful, high-class… Crocs. I adore the design and think they are beautifully made, but I agree with 3D – are they the most practical?

  • charlie chan

    I am a man, and I do not know how to critique a high-heel design wise. I may not be the best fashion critic, and so it may translate that I am the worst design critic for this particular product,

    but I honestly do not see the greatness in this design.

    Honestly, the gray translucent plastic and the rubber creates a nice mystical look, but otherwise there isn’t anything that was intellectual or practical or innovative.

    To a man like me, this looks just like any other shoe I see a pretty gal wearing.

    maybe i just need to lose some testosterone.

  • jack the ripper

    Charlie , you are right .

    these are better by comparison to previous Melissa designers , but they no way have the class of Louboutin , Blahnik , Prada or Zanotti .
    Gaultier is not famed for shoe designing .

    a great shoe balances the silhouette so that the legs look great .

    the instep, the heel positioning will make a difference .

  • i love melissa. have a few pairs. love to wear them… i think in these ones the uau factor is missing.

  • fish fingers

    I like the totally straight stilletto, nice touch/detail

  • neuhaus

    Lots of people wear Crocs and they are made out of plastic, but many wear them with socks.
    Nice use of materials.

  • Xiao Qing

    Is this a dream design from the great JPG ?? It looks like any other oridnary shoe that I can pick along any streets of Taipei.

  • I’ve always found Melissa shoes kind of silly looking (especially since they’re plastic), but these are oddly appealing! Though really, even though they mention the ‘technology’ required to produce such shoes, £160 is kind of ridiculous. Plus, I can’t imagine them being very comfortable with all that friction between your foot and the straps.

  • I love that so many designers are collaborating with Mellisa. These are the cutest shoes to wear in the rain!

  • JC

    Melissa has some beautiful sandals, I’ll give them that. But ever since I was a child there’s no way one can wear them without getting sweaty feet (thought that after 20 years they would have done something about it, but no!), even in winter! They can be very comfortable when you try them on but they are, because of excessive sweating, IMPOSSIBLE to wear.

  • Martini-Please

    Plastic + High Heels + Sweat = Broken Leg

  • Martini-Please

    But on saying that – it has a JPG signature is all over this.

    Beautiful object though.

  • I´ve used melissa shoes and I can say thay are terrifically comfy.
    As far as this design is concerned, I personally think JPG could have gone wilder and more creative. Zaha went all the way with this material and technology. I think this collaboration had many more potential.

  • ooops! I meant MUCH more potential, sorry :)

  • Beautiful ! I’m a fan of melissa’s shoes