WhiteOut by SpaceOperaForm


Designer Alex Suarez of Amsterdam and Los Angeles studio SpaceOperaForm has created an installation at a former salt factory in Hallein, Austria, comprising translucent panels that react to the static charge of visitors.

Called WhiteOut, the installation consists of parallel panels made of thermally-bonded polypropylene filaments, suspended from the ceiling.

The screens move apart in response to the static charge of visitors walking between them, returning to their positions once people have passed.

Here's a little text from the designers:

WhiteOut is deployed as a series of sequential dividers along the aged wood beams of the Hallein Salt Factory, Austria.

Suspended, lightweight and nebulous, the installation is a floating mass, exploring the phenomenological and visual affects of extreme weather conditions.

Movement though the passages is a reactive experience as the dividers 'inflate/deflate' to the body's static repletion - the width of the passages varies from 30cm to 90cm.

Hallein Salt Factory, Austria

spunbond polypropylene
150 x 1.5 meters

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  • Horta

    If the effect is really as damatric as shown on the pictures, then this is a great project, perfectly combined with the historic context. PLUR I say.

  • bruce

    they should make showercurtains with this technique.

  • one word – wow

  • münte

    so simple….so amazing

  • really nice project!

  • INawe

    Its so simple and elegant. I’m so jealous I haven’t thought of that!

  • bruce,

    When we start using dry showers, then it will work. Dry showers are around the corner too…

  • yshin

    impressive! love the idea!

  • Obscurity

    I am not inside the industry, so I don’t know who was the first to come up with the idea of the installation consistsing of parallel panels…suspended from the ceiling.
    Now I understand this design concept is something to be called a current ‘trend’.
    At least it is serving to enhance the beauty of the arched window and carved frame of the former salt factory…especially the dvision of the glass baded on the universal human ‘scale’.

  • echo

    This is briliant!

  • Rade Lalic

    You should see installation in Jasenovac memorial in Croatia. Exactly the same theme!

  • jub

    immensely powerful in visualising human presense in space

  • IGY

    This is a very stunning project. It is very innovative and dynamic. I like the fact that reactive experience allows movement based on the passerby’s actions. It makes the project itself very interactive and enjoyable. Not to mention, the fabrication and simplicity of the presentation gives room for even the very light and subtle gestures. Stunning. Great post!

  • I would really love to see this project in person. At first I thought this looked stupidly simple, but the effect must be rather breathtaking. I always like to think that my form is molding reality as I move through it, but thats just me :)

  • Fantastic scheme, would love to experience it in person. It appears to create a very emotive space.