Abarth Chair by Fabio Novembre
for Casamania


Milan 2010: Italian designer Fabio Novembre will launch a chair for Casamania in Milan next month featuring a transparent polycarbonate seat supported on a cantilevered aluminium frame.

Novembre developed the chair, called Abarth after the auto-sport division of car brand Fiat, to evoke race cars and speed.

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The text below is from Casamania:

ABARTH CHAIR design Fabio Novembre

Casamania, Fabio Novembre and Vivi have combined forces to approach a stylistic challenge: the creation of a new chair inspired by the ABARTH brand, the auto-sport division of the Fiat group.

For decades ABARTH has been celebrated for its customised FIAT automobile, characterised by a close attention to details, the use of innovative materials and the production of fast, hi-performance and fun-to-drive vehicles.

Fabio Novembre was inspired by these elements, transforming them into a chair: dynamic lines that symbolise speed give rise to transparent profiles which recall the rush of the wind during a race.

A light but highly distinctive seat is matched with a reverse cantilever base. The result is a modern and sporty chair, easily recognisable thanks to its forceful and dynamic silhouette.

The world of car racing is similarly evoked in the choice of the materials used in the chair, polycarbonate and aluminium.

Materials: polycarbonate, dye-cast aluminium

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  • looking forward to this Fabio

  • Niels

    I would like this if I was a Stormtrooper, but I’m not and I don’t.

  • see the table by french designer Pierre Fravresse ( proto grant via) in Mathieu Lehanneur’s studio

  • Marc

    The chear already looks like a old design from the 60’s or 70’s
    I don’t like it.

  • goran

    too much going on. looks like a ski boot

  • stairs

    wow! this chair reflects the abarth’s style!!

  • at last “fresh” chair, with every detail considered, love the text. nice.

  • Sport auto is in italian ADN as neo classical forms by Fabio but i ask question about the branding …

  • carp.

    (come on Dezeen – I spelled it right three times and you keep blocking me!).

    Why on earth does this chair need to exist?

  • Albert

    It is not only ugly, it also looks very uncomfortable!

  • ijnsd

    proprio bella. complimenti

  • christina

    ooh and it can double as a snow plow.

    not my cup of tea…

  • Prof Z.

    He drive so fast in Milan …. with scooter