LoveThisChair by Huibert van Muilwijk
for Made by Midas


Huibert van Muilwijk has designed a chair made out of lolly stick-shaped plywood components for Dutch studio Made by Midas.

Called LoveThisChair, the piece was originally put together using offcuts from earlier projects but has now been put into production.

More lolly stick furniture on Dezeen: Camper store in Malmö by TAF (December 2009)

"The chair has a unique construction of ply shaped like giant popsicle sticks," says the designer. "The front legs are pointing inwards and suggest movement. The design process was most of all an interesting exercise in producing an affordable chair which would carry the typical Made by Midas handwriting."

Posted on Sunday March 14th 2010 at 12:34 am by Antonia Anastasiadi. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Ferdie_bonaparte

    Happy to see this firm trying to realize what others can just dream of doing in preserving the environment or otherwise ourselves from our own irresponsibity or ignorance, stubborness, etc. Anyways, this is a good example to replicate in every household which such excess of potential building materials are available. Thank Midas you do have a golden touch for this kind of genre you’re in.

  • *matt

    How does this preserve the environment? (not trying to be a wanker, Im just not seeing how its different from any other plywood chair)

  • Made by Midas… a midas touch!

  • Ferdie_bonaparte

    If they say that…the piece was originally put together using offcuts from earlier projects but has now been put into production…Then this is re-using materials which is just one of the ways in applying the green principle of design and building. But I admit it might not be that huge impact, i still believe that trying to do something out of someone’s learning will somehow echo works bigger than its predecessors. I think it’s just a matter of time for every innovation, philosophy, etc. to get realized if the world really sees its significance for our living.

  • maxe

    It seems to be very heavy

  • nicey

    If really put together from offcuts of another process, then it’s fantastic. If it’s now in production from 8 x 4 sheets of ply then it’s just a styling/marketing exercise to make it look/sound eco friendly; which is cynical. The front legs pointing back might do more than suggest movement, and might well result in a bloodied nose.

  • frankie goes to bollywood

    the proportions of this chair are all wrong. the back legs don’t reach back far enough and the back angle is too large. this coupled results in an unstable chair. then the front legs are too far in which makes no sense also. this is ill concieved. the amount of material used here is enough for two chairs. makes no sense.

  • curry

    Did you sit on it Frankie? I did, and this chair sits good and is very stable!

  • *matt

    Right on I missed the excess material part. It would be way more interesting if they could produce it with only offcuts.

    Its kinda superficial keeping the aesthetics previously informed by the constraints of offcut material. Its like a lie, no? There’s no reason for it to be this form now (but I imagine it could all be CNC’d).

  • Ferdie_bonaparte

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Regarding the form, that is something subjective now. I just hope they could they send me one to try, as this is interesting to my eye.

  • roger treiss