Lettera 9 by Demian Conrad


Lausanne graphic designer Demian Conrad has completed an identity and interior that reference typewriters for a combined library and internet café in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Conrad collects typewriters and the identity, lettera 9, references a vintage Olivetti model and the street number of the shop.

The machine in question is mounted on one wall alongside a poster created by Conrad for the shop.

Photographs are by Marco Agorri.

More about Demian Conrad on Dezeen: Posters for Brocante (December 2009)

Here's some more information from the designer:

Ondemedia came to me with the need of giving birth to a new space, between a library and an internet cafe. Thinking about books and internet, I analyzed the communicating points and noticed that text is the common denominator between them. Text as per a book or text as hypertext, the innovation lays in their relationship and not in the form.

I connected the text with the world of letters and being a lover and collectionist of type machines I could not resist to pay a homage to Olivetti "lettera22" by Marcello Nizzoli. Such a cult object which inspired me to use the civic number of the building and re-baptized as "lettera9". Inside the space a wall is dedicated to the digital and another to the analogic. The innovation lays in the relationship.

Project: Lettera 9
Client: Ondemedia
Where: Bellinzona - Switzerland
Art direction design: Demian Conrad
Photography: Marco Agorri
What: Logotype, Interior design, Poster

Posted on Thursday March 25th 2010 at 10:51 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • I must admit: I rediscovered libraries recently :)

  • nicely done – one question:

    why repeating the name on the house-wall, as it´s obviously visible through the window.

    • Anja

      Probably because people used to walk and not standing in front of shops…

    • Louie

      when the lights are off, street front is still voicing the brand

    • amanda

      no special statement which related to the shop to write on the wall… that's y keep repeating it's name :P

  • Alex.

    …it’s obviously visible through the window, but what if you were not directly facing the window from the front?

  • liuye

    好东西,我也有相同问题。I have the same question as Alex

  • Lying amongst a fairly large collection_I’ve a lovely compact blue Lettera 32.

    Love the colour of the 22 and what you have done here.
    I’ve thought about mounting my whole collection on a wall at an angle.

    Lying flush as seen here looks great!

    Inspired. Thanks.

  • oberstminga

    I am almost certain that the typeface is actually German by the famous Paul Renner, although it may be Kleukens- both innovated with this very similar sans serif in the late 1930’s.