Breed and Retreat by Frederik Roijé 


Milan 2010: Dutch designer Frederik Roijé will present a home for chickens called Breed and Retreat in Milan next month.

Roijé will also exhibit his Metrobowl project (see our earlier story) in the Ventura Lambrate district of the city. Download a map and guide to the district here.

More about Roijé on Dezeen:

Metrobowl (January 2009)
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The information that follows is from the designer:


An architectural hen house to breed and retreat.

To eliminate the estrangement from our origin. Respecting nature will be necessary. Designing a special place will give nature its space. Even in urban society.

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  • graeme

    egg cellent

  • OPA

    LOL Quebec Museum for chickens :]

  • bear

    need more info, where are access points… what is the population capacity… and my god, where are the chickens?

  • farmgirl

    Very cool looking, but I concur with bear–it seems mostly form and not much function. Chickens rarely will lay an egg in a big open space like the glassed in enclosure if they can help it, so all the little additions will need access doors. Not to mention cleaning that will be a chore.

    But it is beautiful!

  • I had about a dozen pigeons when I was a boy. It was my first attempt at designing and building. This is truly a classy upscale abode.

  • Aaron

    I need one

  • Makes me want to be a chickin’

  • Would have made a better habitat for Cats.

  • qndreqs

    i guess this will create a breed of posh spoiled chickens

  • dariusz

    really? designing to give chickens a chic-er habitat? I guess it would make poor people that don’t have homes just smiley with happiness.

  • Rabbit lover

    Would this be good for rabbits?