//Slash sofa by Adrien Rovero
for Campeggi


Milan 2010: Swiss designer Adrien Rovero has created a sofa that can be transformed into a bed by re-arranging blocks of upholstery.

Called //Slash, the furniture will be presented by Italian brand Campeggi at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile next week.

The tubular metal frame has slats supporting the foam blocks, and the two parts slide apart to expand into a bed.

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The following information is from the designer:

// Slash

From the quick and visible transformation of a sofa into a bed, //slash is inspired by the foldable simple mattress. From this known foldable principle, the concept is push to the extreme in term of comfort and uses by including slats, an easy transformation as well as 2 clear uses.

Thanks to the pressure given by the structure to the foam to maintain it on both position. To convert it, the drawer like structure can be slide to the front before the mattress is unfolded. This project is another collaboration with Campeggi with the goal to breakthrough the world of sofa and their other uses.

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  • blip

    Clever principal, but looks a bit raw on sofa position, in fact it looks like a bed in sofa position : /

  • Riyad Joucka

    reminds me of that material florists use to keep flowers hydrated…

  • JJ

    Ok Dezeen, false advertising:

    “Swiss designer Adrien Rovero has created a sofa that can be transformed into a bed by re-arranging blocks of upholstery.”

    Not quite…you also have to slide this out. Not that it’s a lot of work, but it does make this thing a glorified futon.

  • i can totally see a sword fight with these sofa parts :D

  • Capstick

    Good point Riyad: the “oasis floral foam” sofa

  • CK

    to me, it’s really dull and lifeless – maybe because of that shade of green

  • I know now why Rovero was considered by a great designer by Ecal manager, Keller

  • Xit

    You can achieve the same thing with one piece of foam for the seat instead of 4 individual blocks of foam.

    In fact the ‘clever’ part of this is the sliding frame mecanism and not the cushions.

    • Vladimir

      The blocks are rotated hor/vert during transformation.

  • Very A-level design & technology.

  • AT

    this just blew my mind