Funnel by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti
for Vertigo Bird

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Funnel by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti for Vertigo Bird

These funnel-shaped lamps for lighting brand Vertigo Bird are by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti of Slovenia.

Funnel by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti for Vertigo Bird

Called Funnel, the series includes a table, floor and pendent lamp, each with a shade shaped like a kitchen funnel.

Funnel by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti for Vertigo Bird

The narrow end projects a secondary point of light on the surface behind it.

Funnel by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti for Vertigo Bird

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Here's some more information from Bevk Perovic Arhitekti:


The lamp’s design owes its form to the funnel, a highly typical household object, something all our grandmothers used in their kitchens, bottling and decanting wine, olive oil and similar throughout their lifetimes.

While a familiar object it’s also been transformed into a new one, hanging above the kitchen or dining table as a recognizable, iconic light source – a small funnel that serves as a ceiling rosette, a large one casting light onto the horizontal surface below.

The same elements are further transformed into table and floor lamps, with a large pivoting funnel shade that allows for specific directing of the light.

A tube-like ray of light projects up and out of the top of the shade, creating a playful dot on the ceiling or neighbouring walls.

material: spun aluminium, steel
colour: matt white

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  • Mei :D

    its cool… they looked floating… u change the preseption.. :D
    great job.. :)

  • Lux

    So simple – so perfect!

  • Prof Z.

    Funnel is a metaphore of design production