Flex by Georgi Manassiev


Design products graduate Georgi Manassiev presents a chair with the seat and backrest divided in two at the Royal College of Art graduate show in London.

Called Flex, the steel and plywood chair is designed to move with the body of the person sitting on it, supporting the muscles.

Here's some more information from Manassiev:


‘Flex’ is a chair that has a separated seat and backrest in order to allow different sitting positions. In order to be comfortable regardless of the way one sits the chair relies, on the one hand, on four panels which support the body and, on the other, on a flexible tubular frame which absorbs and follows every move.

The chair is designed to move with the body of the pearson seating on it. The movment allows better ergonomy because it provides the right support of the body no matter how we seat. It also supports only muscles but not the bones.

The shape of the seats and the backrests is designed to support only the parts of the body that needs to be supported. The shape is also designed that the edges of the seats cannot be felt. The space between the four pannels is made not to take any of the comfort away and body-parts, fingers or any type of clothing cannot be trapped between the seats.

Steel tubes and plywood

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  • edward

    Don’t usually comment on furniture but this sounds like a really worthwhile
    design. The question to me would be the flexibility of the chair might result in failure with a really heavy person and if made too stiff for that, too inflexible for a lightweight. The split seat reminds me of a type of bicycle seat. Like the veneered tube furniture recently, great work!

  • Sr_Chipicao

    Very, very well done and suprising design

  • Beautiful! Love that the split symmetry was carried through into the legs.

  • flaneur


    i would love to test this chair….

  • Beautifully done. Reminds me a lot of my own chair, but very high end production.

    I too am liking the homogeneous symmetry of your shape. It is a surprisingly comfortable design.

    Good luck with it.

  • very nice form, maybe can be a little uncomfortable, the split when you get sit, the more you weight, the more it would close,, and it can hurt. otherwise, looks clean.

  • Good design, but would have to sit in it, to fully appreciate!

  • edward


    Note the front legs are angeled outward. I would think they would spread when a load was applied.

  • angry catalan

    Doesn’t look bad. The split-seat design is a bit like the BKF chair (not that they’re similar chairs, though.) It’s interesting how each half has only two supports but transfers its load to the other half.

  • mk404

    Really cool chair, I got to sit on it last week at the RCA show and it is actually really comfortable.

  • Samantha

    Interesting looking chair(mostly because of the split construction). Definitely do not like the way that the two upper parts are connected to the tubular frame. Look very rough and contradicts to the minimalistic design in a bad way. There are two other things that really bothers me about the chair. First – ergonomics. The sitting surface is angled backwards and the back rest is positioned relatively high. With a sitting person on the chair the angle of the sitting surface will be increased further, and this together with the relatively high back rest will create an effect of a bent spinal column that would be appreciated only by those who are addicted to back aches. Last but not least the chair look like chair for a disabled people(split construction and tubular frame). Just a narrow reference:


    Come on people, who will give money to have his caffe latte sitting on a chair like the above mentioned. This would be the same as if I create the design of your new car to resemble a hearse…

  • hugo

    this work of ergonomy & morphology instantly made me think of eames’ work
    i’m a huge fan and i love this design as much
    i don’t care of the muscle & bone school stuff, no need of explanations, this is so obvious you get it by yourself, it’s called quality
    bravo for this real eye candy !
    i wish it could get in production

  • Kristopher Adams

    I’d be very surprised if this hasn’t been done before but this design is executed so so well.

    Beautiful detailing and a very fuss free piece of furniture.

  • Werker

    Really looks like It`s been already done before. Very familiar design.

    Samantha is right that the chair looks like a chair/wheel-chair for disabled people.
    The resemblance is very strong and that is why the design looks that familiar.

  • edward

    I see the design as basically functional in nature and not an attempt at elegance. The slip flange connectors are part of that. Given the need to configure the tubing to provide support and flexibility functionality had to prevail over aesthetics. Form follows function indeed. And reports from the field are that it is very comfortable!

  • Wimbleboom

    Here`s another report from the field as I also tested the chair at the RCA show. As I`m 6`5″ high and somewhere in the 220 pounds I`d rather find an electric chair more comfortable and appealing. Not only a tall persons will struggle on this chair but also those that are on the heavy side. The commodity is so modestly designed that it got me wondering what exactly is its purpose. It`s neither comfortable, nor it is an attempt at elegance… So probably this is a an uncomfortable school chair cut in two pieces as a form of protest against impersonal and uncomfortable school chairs that we encounter once in a while.

  • wpgmb

    yet another novelty chair.

  • she’s a beauty!

  • Joe

    butt pinch?

  • J*

    guys, never use this while naked. ;)

  • edward

    If anybody was going to get his butt pinched, it would be Wimbleboom.
    Maybe he will follow up with a more detailed report on his experience.

  • yomamma

    more like the CASTRATION chair I would not like to sit in it with shorts on OUCH