Unagi by STAD


Unagi by Stad

Japanese architect Toru Shimokawa of STAD clad this shop selling eels in burnt and carbonised cedar.

Unagi by Stad

Called STAD, the project includes a shop and office located inside a Yanagawa city warehouse, where an eel shop has existed for over 100 years.

Unagi by Stad

Shimokawa used the burnt wood to reference the charcoal over which eels are traditionally grilled.

Unagi by Stad

Here's some more information from STAD:

A beautiful shadow like the Japanese tea-ceremony room was able to be made in Unagi project.

Unagi by Stad

Reconstructing project of a traditional eel store established over 100 years ago in Yanagawa-city.

Unagi by Stad

This form is led by many restriction such as floor level gap by iterating reconstruction.

Unagi by Stad

Heavily burnt and carbonized cedar board on outside and inside wall.

Unagi by Stad

This is because of charcoals the artisans have used to grill eels for a long long time.

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  • Fernando González S

    I wonder if it stains !!!!!

  • felix

    I think it’s nice but just too hard looking. Not comfortable enough to want to spend time eating in.

  • Anna

    Eels? Eels are an endagered species, I hope the shop changes goods. With the interior why not burgers?

  • Beautiful japanese minimalism. I would love to brush up against these charred wood walls. So far this is the only example I’ve seen of this technique being used indoors…