Dezeen Watch Store identity by Zerofee

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Dezeen Watch Store

Designers Zerofee have created the identity for Dezeen Watch Store, our new e-commerce venture launching next month during the London Design Festival.

The store will sell watches by leading designers and design-led brands, and Zerofee's identity features a timepiece that constantly changes, presenting a different pattern of colours and segments according to the time of day, the month and the viewer's geographic location.

The colours change to reflect the position of the sun and the changing seasons, creating a brand identity that is never static. The image above is a cut down version; a fully working version of the timepiece can be viewed at:

Dezeen Watch Store launches in September with two pop-up shops in London: one at The Tramshed in Shoreditch, east London; and the other at Skitsch on Brompton Road, west London.

For more details on these pop-ups visit the Dezeen Watch Store website.

Here's some more information about the identity from Paul Buck of Zerofee:

For Dezeen Watch Store we wanted to provoke a sense of adventurous design and the subject of time, without resorting to clichéd imagery or visuals that might suggest specific style.

The resulting identity uses the passage of time to convey the product design diversity, resulting in a dynamic symbol that changes constantly - 86,400 different symbols per day, becoming a timepiece itself. It abstractly represents the seconds, minutes, hour and time of year on a 24 hour basis from the viewer's perspective, accompanied by changing colours that reflect time of day and season.

The symbol retains a recognisable form that can also be used statically in print, by capturing snapshots of the symbol at a specific times as scalable vector graphics for use at any size on any medium.

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  • mmm

    In the actual website ( the blue and light grey elements have a black and dark-grey outline. This is different from the above picture and I wonder whether it is supposed to be (since it is not an effect that is part of the Dezeen brand identity at any point and quite frankly it works much worse than without). Using Google Chrome.